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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 2 - Little Resistance

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First thing you wanna do is call an air strike on the enemy forces to the South East by pressing "Right Trigger" and and the right button on the "d pad"

As soon as the air attack takes place head to the south east, following your squad and push through the enemy defenses.

When your following your squad watch out for enemy fire coming from bunkers. Take them out before they take you out!

If you wait long enough a squad member will use a flame thrower and torch the bunkers.

Continue through enemy forces with your squad...

Once you get through the main forces you will turn left towards more enemy fire.

You will come up to a split where u can go left or right.. Go right will take you through a bunker...

Continue through the bunker to the next opening... to the right in the opening watchout for the enemys in the top of the trees...

When you get closer to the trees more enemys will jump out from hiding in the grass in front of you.

Continue through the grass to the west and head into the bunker to the right.

Inside the bunker there is a trench gun if you prefer to have it instead of your pistol... its a close range weapon.

Head back out of the bunker go to the right and meet up with your squad.

Gain entrance to the Jap Bunker.

Once in the bunker head to the left.

Once out of the bunker head to the right... take out the gunners in the bunkers...

Go inside the bunker the door is below the windows where the gunners are.

Go up the ladder inside the bunker to the second story.

Clear the bunker of enemys.

Call in rocket strikes on the 2 enemy tanks.

Eliminate all enemys in the mortar pit.

Regroup with your squad in the next room of the bunker.