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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 10 - Eviction

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Walk down the hallway.

Follow Reznov to regroup with your squad.

Follow your squad out of the room.

Continue to follow your squad out side then back in the building.

Follow your squad down the stairs.

Be stealthy and wait for the signal to attack the enemy soldiers.

When given the signal clear the room.

When the room is clear continue on.

Follow your squad.

At the end of this hallway turn left. There will be enemy fire as soon as you turn the corner.

Clear the hallway then continue on with your squad.

Head down the stairs.

At the bottem of the stairs you will come to another room with enemys in it. Clear the room.

When the room is clear your squad will advance follow them.

You will come to an opening. Clear the enemys on the other side of the room.

When the room is clear follow your squad down stairs.

Follow Reznov down the hallway.

Continue to advance with your squad down the stairs.

The next hallway down the stairs is very smokey. The lower you go the better your sight will be.

Head down the hall then go to the left.

Then make another quick left. There is alot of enemys in the room. Clear the room.

Continue to advance with your squad. Kill all enemys on the way.

Follow your squad out onto the streets. Travel South.

Beware the streets are flooded with enemy soldiers.

Work your way down to the street. Use the tanks as a shield to make your way through the enemys.

New objective is to kill the wounded Germans.

Head over to the handrail and look down towards the Metro. You will see the wounded Germans there.

Throw a molotov grenade down there and kill them.

Follow your squad down into the Metro.

Follow your squad and fight through the Metro.

Take your time going through the Metro. Its hard to see some enemys.

Continue to fight through the metro. You will come to a barricade. To the left of the barricade is a room. Go through the room to get around the barricade.

When you exit the room. There will be enemys inside a train car. Clear the enemys in the train.

Make your way into the train.

Slowly work your way up the train and kill any enemys you can find on either side of the train.

Exit the back of the train.

Continue through the next train.

Regroup with your squad. Hide behind something a ton of enemys are about to rush you.

Clear the enemys.