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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 12 - Blowtorch and Corkscrew

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Your objective is to Assault Wana Ridge.

Head up the hill with your squad.

Up the hill Japanese enemys will jump up from bunkers.

Continue up the mountain to the southwest killing any enemys on the way.

Up the hill there will be an enemy gunner. Throw smoke grenades to allow safe passage up to the enemy gunner.

Just below the gunner on the right there is a door. Go through the door.

Through the door will take you inside a cave. Run through the caves clearing all enemys.

Once you go through the caves you will come to an opening. There will be a supply box with sachel charges on it. Make sure you have 3.

Eliminate the three 200mm guns. There each located in bunkers. Throw sachel charges in the bunkers and blow them up. Use the radar to locate all 3 bunkers.

Throw a sachel charge into the first bunker. Then blow it up.

Between enemy bunkers you will run into enemy fire.

At the second bunker. There will be another supply of sachel charges. Load back up and make sure you have three again.

Destroy the second bunker with sachel charge.

On the way to the third bunker there will be enemys in a tower shooting down at you take them out.

Blow up the last bunker.

Head around the last bunker to the left and meet with Sarge. Around the bunker and up the hill you will come to another bunker. Thats where you meet Sarge.

Sarge will kick down the door to get into the bunker.

Follow the tank up the road.

The tank will blow up. Continue around it and locate the mortar crew.

Take out the gunner in the window.

Use your radar. Head to the SouthWest. To the star on the radar.

Over the hill there will be a camp. Use your flamethrower and blow the 2 trucks up.

Enter the bunker behind the trucks. Secure the bunker.

Continue to work through the bunker. Killing all enemys.

In the back of the bunker there is a ladder to go up a level. Go up the ladder and continue to work through the bunker.

Clear the level then head to the back of the room and go up the next ladder.

Clear the third floor.

On the third floor in the back is another ladder. Go up the ladder. As soon as you get up the ladder there will be a few enemys hiding behind the sand bags. take them out.