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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 14 - Heart of the Reich

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Regroup with your squad by the tank.

Follow your squad through the streets.

Kill the enemys that are shooting at you from behind the wall.

Walk around the wall and into the hotel. Work with your squad.

As soon as you go into the hotel clear the enemys to the right. Then exit the building behind of the enemys.

Exit the first building right into the next one.

Walk down the hallway into the room to the right. Clear the room.

Jump out the window looking to the north.

Follow your squad.

Your squad will lead you into another building. Meet with the other squad on the other side of the building.

Destroy the Flak 88's. Use your radar to locate them. On each one you can plant explosives.

Clear enemys around the guns before you plant explosives to lower the risk of dieing.

On each gun theres a glowing box where you plant the explosives. When you get close enough all you have to do is press and hold x.

Continue to head West and head towards the Reichstag(The big building).

Clear all the enemys around the stairways and up by the pillars of the building. Then head up the stairs and into the Reichstag.

Once up the stairs and all enemys are cleared a pillar will fall from the building and clear a path for you to enter the Reichstag.

Follow Roznov.