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Mission #1 - S.S.D.D

Pick up the rifle on the table and turn around.

Start shooting the targets.

Turn around again, pick up a few grenades by walking in front of them.

Throw a grenade at the targets.

Once you're done, turn again and keep walking straight towards the objective indicator

Once you're there, turn right.

Head downstairs.

Pick up the pistol.

"Press 1 or 2 to switch to your primary weapon."

Once you've chosen your weapon, turn right.

Start shooting the bad guys, try to be as fast as possible. Once you're done start Sprinting to the next stage of the Training Ground by pressing 'Shift' on your keyboard.

Watch out for the civilians! You'll get penalized by accidentally hitting them.

Head inside the builiding.

Clear the builiding of any bad guys left and move upstairs.

Press 'E' to melee.

Jump down.

...more bad guys.

Last one remaining.

Once you took out all of them, start sprinting for the finish line by holding 'Shift' on your keyboard.

Turn left.

Head upstairs.

This is the end of the first mission.

Mission #2 - Team Player

Join your teammates and start defending.

Keep an eye out for the enemies on the bridge and take them out as fast as possible.

Head to the stairs next to the small builiding.

Go upstairs.

Get in the SUV.

Start shooting the bad guys on the roof.

Watch out for the enemies in the pickup trucks.

After getting hit by the RPG rocket, get inside the building in the right as fast as possible.

Once you're in, head to the stairs at the end of the hallway. Be careful! There are some enemies on the stairs and on the top floor, waiting for you.

After you killed them all, head over to the window.

Jump out the window and follow your teammates into the builiding on the other side.

After you killed all of them, head to the stairs and go on the next floor.

Once you're on the top floor, follow your teammates and take cover when attacked.

At the end of the hallway, take it to the right and watch out for the enemies poking around the corner.

Kill the enemies.

Head inside the classroom and go around the cyan&white pillar.

Kill the remaining enemies and then turn left at the end of the hallway.

Exit the builiding.

Keep going straight.

Turn right at the end of the road.

Shoot some bad guys.

Go around the fence.

Go through the tunnel and turn right.

Follow your teammates.

Through this little tunnel.

This is the end of the 2nd mission.

Mission #3 - Cliffhanger

Use your Left and Right Mouse Button to climb, but don't hold them for too long or the ice might break and you will fall off the mountain.

Wait for Captain MacTavish to jump, then start sprinting and as soon as you reach the ledge jump and hold down both; Left and Right Mouse Button.

The ice will break as soon as you land on the side of the mountain, but don't worry, this is a scripted event.

Captain MacTavish will save you.

'Press 3 to activate heartbeat sensor.'

Follow Captain MacTavish.

Take out the enemies.

Once you split up, you will have to go to the objective indicator. Keeping a low profile is also important, since this is pretty much a stealth mission. You do NOT want to get attacked by enemies coming from every direction.

Take out the guy sitting next to the builiding's entrance.

Get inside and take out the bad guy.

Wait for the SUV to leave, be careful, you don't want to be seen by it.

Now you're good to go.

Wait for them to leave and be careful not to be seen by any of them.

Once you've reached the fuel station, press 'F' to plant the explosives.

After you've planted the explosives head over to the marked objective and stay low.

When you reach the hangar, turn right.

Keep going straight, at the end you will see a canal, jump down and take it to the left.

Meet up with Captain MacTavish and enter the building.

Once you're inside the hangar, go upstairs.

Retrieve the ACS and head back to the stairs.

Stay low, so you won't attract any attention to yourself.

When they start counting down, detonate the explosive on the fuel station to distract them.

Follow Captain MacTavish out of the hangar.

Run to the military base exit.

Shoot the guys behind you.

Grab a snowmobile and head for the objective indicator.

Try to avoid the trees.

After you make the jump, you'll met up with your teammates.

This is the end of the 3rd mission.

Mission #4 - No Russian

Remember, this mission is optional, you can skip this walkthrough as well.

Stay close to Makarov and do not attack any of his people or else they will instantly turn hostile and kill you.

Start shooting the inocent civilians in the airport.

Follow them around.

Once you're outside, go downstairs and turn right.

At the end of the hallway, turn left.

Go outside again.

Use your grenade launcher attached to your secondary weapon (the M4A1) by pressing 3, and if you swapped it for another weapon, just use normal grenades to take them out.

Once the way's clear, follow your teammates into the garage.

Follow them through the cyan door.

Follow Makarov to the ambulance

Watch the rest of the cutscene.

This is the end of the 4th mission.

Mission #5 - Takedown

When you're getting attack by the first enemy, press 'Ctrl' to get down.

Taking cover.

Get out of the car and start following Captain MacTavish.

Shoot the bad guy in the leg, but be careful not to kill him.

Watch the cutscene.

Follow your teammates upstairs.

Jump down and take cover behind the cars.

After you killed all of them, head straight through the alley.

Turn right and then left.

Turn right once again at the end of the alley.

Head to the little house ahead.

Watch out for the enemies shooting through the windows.

Go on the other side through the house.

Watch out for the dogs behind the fence.

Once you're done killing the enemies on the roof and the dogs, take out the bad guy that's around the corner and turn right, upstairs.

Turn left and go upstairs.

Turn right or go upstairs; your choice. Both ways lead at the same place.

Turn right.

Watch out for the enemies inside the house.

Once you're done with the enemies inside the house, keep going straight and turn left.

Go upstairs and enter the house.

After you've entered the house, climb up the stairs to get on the roof, but be careful, there are lots of enemies on every other builiding's rooftop.

Once you've dealt with them, keep going straight.

Turn right here.

Go upstairs, head right again.

Kill the rest of the enemies.

Turn right around the builiding made out of bricks and go upstairs.

Watch the rest of the cutscene.

This is the end of the 5th mission.

Mission #6 - Wolverines!

Follow your teammates.

Throw a smoke grenade at the tank.

Follow your teammates through the smoke.

Clear the alley of any remaining enemies.

Clear the gas station.

Follow your teammates to the restaurant.

Climb the ladder behind the restaurant.

Place some claymores next to the ladder.

Kill the incoming enemies.

Once you're down, climb down the ladder and head to the new objective.

Throwing 2-3 grenades inside before entering the place would probably be a good idea.

Press 'F' to pick up the Predator Drone control.

Hide somewhere safe and press 5 to activate the Predator Control.

Press left mouse button to fire a missle, control it with your mouse.

Head back to the restaurant.

Protect the VIP while heading back to the fast food restaurant (right).

Once you're inside, activate the Predator Drone once again.

Head back to where the objective indicator tells you to go.

Pick up the Stinger.

Take out the helicopter with the Stinger.

Head back on the roof and take the other Stinger and use it to take down the second heli.

Head to your convoy.

Get inside the truck. This is the end of the 6th mission.

Mission #7 - The Hornet's Nest

Support Captain MacTavish.

Shoot down the enemies on the rooftops.

Make your way through the streets by fighting Brazilian Militia.

Head to the objective indicator located on your map.

Keep an eye out for any enemies remaining on the roofs.

Follow Captain MacTavish and head for the second landing zone.

At this point, no matter what you do, you will fail the jump and have to find an alternative way.

Make a run for it on the rooftops.

Jump on the ladder and escape the enemies.

This is the end of the 7th mission.

Mission #8 - Exodus

Follow the street until you reach an enemy-held tollhouse guarded by a sentry gun.

Press 4 to activate the laser sights and mark the sentry gun to get destroyed.

Use the Stryker as much as possible for a much easier progress. And do not forget to defend it from any enemies that are using the RPG.

Once you passed through the tollbooth, use the Stryker as much as possible to descrease the number of enemies in the neighborhood and houses.

Head through the house to get out on the other side.

Once you reach the golf course, use the Stryker to destroy the sentry guns and the tank.

When you complete the first objective, you will have to head over to the house where the C-130 Hercules plane has crashed into.

Go inside and secure the HVI (High Value Individual) from the panic room.

You will find the HVI dead in the panic room with a briefcase next to him, pick it up and leave the panic room.

Mission #9 - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

Take out the guard quietly.

Follow Captain MacTavish on the upstairs on Deck One.

Kill the enemy leaning on the metal fence.

Breach the door.

Take out all the enemies inside, watch out for the civilians though!

Follow Ghost at the second room you've got to breach.

Once you cleared the room, plant the explosives on one of the enemies' bodies by pressing 'F'.

Detonate the C4 once the enemies entered the room you just breached.

Follow Ghost and Captain MacTavish on the third deck.

Gran an AT4 and take down the helo.

Clean the rest of the deck and then head to the fourth deck.

Breach the third; and the last door.

After you're done taking out the enemies inside, head to the landing zone.

Enter the chopper.

At the end of the mission you will be carrying a M14 EBR, the main weapon for the next mission.

Mission #10 - The Gulag

After landing, you will have to clear the courtyard filled with enemies.

Once you've killed all of them, follow Captain MacTavish and the rest of the them into the Gulag.

Once you're inside the gulag, head downstairs into the armory. At one point, enemies will start encircling the armory, make sure to take cover or use one of the riot shilelds that are laying on the floor.

After all the cell blocks are cleared, you will have to rappel down to the lower floor.

Next thing you will have to do is breach a wall that leads to the shower rooms.

After taking out every enemy in the shower room, you and your team will have to rescure the Prisoner 627, who's revealed to be Captain Price.

Once you've rescured Captain Price, you will have to hurry to reach the exfil point.

This is the part where the cave-in drops on you, however Captain Price saves you.

After Captain Price saves your life, you and your team will escape the castle using a SPIE rig.

This is the end of the 10th mission.

Mission #11 - Of Their Own Accord

Follow Sgt. Foley through the Departament of Commerce.

Head to the fifth floor of the builiding.

Place a satchel charge on the SAM site and then blow it up.

Provide fire support using a M82 with a Thermal Scope against Russians armed with Javelins.

Grab the Javelin and destroy as many vehicles as possible, buying the Washington Monument valuable time to extract the wounded people.

Rendezvous with several Navy SEAL teams on the roof. Get in the helicopter and start using the mounted minigun.

Take out as many enemy vehicles as you can at the World War II Memorial.

The mission will end shortly after the helicopter gets hit by a rocket.

Mission #12 - Contingency

Follow Captain Price through the forest and try to be as stealthy as possible.

Regroup with the rest of the team.

Hide behind the rocks and use the Predator Drone to draw the enemies' attention.

Follow your team up on this builiding's roof and start defending from incoming enemies.

This is the end of the 12th mission.

Mission #13 - Second Sun

This is the cutscene at the beginning of the mission.

After one of your teammates will remove the steel girders, allowing you to exit the helicopter, follow them into the bar. Inside the bar, there is an Ammo Crate, don't forget to refill your gun, since you do not have any ammo left.

Follow your teammates into the builiding.

When you reach the office room full of enemies, shoot them down and move on.

Once you've got rid of all the enemies in the office, exit the builiding through the big hole, there are going to be three enemies standing on a car arguing, take them out silently and move on, then you will see some people running to a bus, do NOT kill them until one of your teammates throws a flare on the ground and reveals that they're hostile.

After you've got rid of all threats, get inside the builiding located on the other side of the street.

Head downstairs.

This is the point where you and your team discover the President's bunker, it is also the end of the 13th mission.

Mission #15 - Whiskey Hotel

This mission starts where you were left off in the previous mission. You will have to go outside the bunker and follow Sgt. Foley to Whiskey Hotel.

Avoid getting shot by the machine gun nests on the roof.

Once you're in, follow your teammates into the Oval Office, where one of them discovers a speaker behind a painting. The team has got 2 minutes before the Air Force initiates the Hammerdown Protocol. You will have to hurry up and make it to the roof in two minutes, avoiding any enemies on the way there.

Once you've successfully reached the roof, light up your green flare to signal the Air Force to abort the mission.

This is the end of the 15th mission.

Mission #16 - Loose Ends

Start following Ghost in the woods.

To make it past the mine filed, you will have to go prone after the first one is triggered.

Don't forget to take out the enemies on the hill, carrying RPGs.

At the safehouse, there are 4 different breaching doors (one of them is inside the house) and you can start with any of them.

This is the 4th and the last one.

After you've breached the door upstairs regroup with Ghost and the others downstairs. Ghost will order you to download all the information on Makarov's computer.

After starting the download, place some claymores at every entrance in the house to slow the enemies down.

Start defending the intel. It should take around 5 minutes to finish downloading the files.

Once the download's completed, retrieve the DNS and head to the landing zone.

At one point, you will get wounded and Ghost will have to help you get up and carry you to the helicopter while a Little Bird provides covering fire.

You will successfully make it to the landing zone, where Shepherd will betray you and then shoot both of you.

Afterwards, he is going to take the intel from you.

The other soldiers will soak you and Ghost with gasoline, during which you can hear Price over the radio telling you not to trust Shepherd or any his men.

Unfortunately, it is too late for both of you, as you and Ghost are set on fire by Shepherd's cigar.

This is the end of the 16th mission.

Mission #17 - The Enemy of My Enemy

You start off as Captain MacTavish in the boneyard, your objective is to escape to the plane. This mission is pretty short, all you have to do is go through the boneyard to the indicated point on the screen, watch out for any enemies in the boneyard, use the plane wrecks as cover.

Once you reach the car, you will have to get inside it.

After a short while, Rook gets shot and you are forced to take the wheel and drive it into the plane while under heavy fire.

Get the car inside the plane. This is going to be the end of the 17th mission.

Mission #18 - Just Like Old Times

On Price's order shoot down the two soldiers and their dog before sliding down.

You can kill the remaining two soldiers with any weapon.

Grapple onto the rails and break from time to time or else you will fall off the cliff and die.

Stab the soldier below you as fast as possible.

Follow Price into the cave.

Take out the soldier on the right on Captain Price's mark.

Let Price kill the enemy upstairs.

Turn on the night-vision and take out the incoming enemies.

Once you've killed them all, head out of the cave system.

Temporarily swap out one of your weapons for the Riot Shield and walk onto the catwalk and head towards the enemy soldiers, Price is going to take them out one by one.

Once you're inside the second cave, swap one of your weapons for the SCAR-H with Thermal Sight so you can easily take out all the enemies hidding in the smoke.

Once all the enemies are killed, breach the door.

Kill everyone inside.

Head to the computer and override the door lock when prompted.

Head outside and kill the remaining soldiers.

Once you've killed them all, head inside the cave. Then the mission ends.

Mission #19 - Endgame

You will begin the mission in pursuit of the traitor, General Shepherd. You have to get into a speedboat and chase him through the cave. Try not to be too far behind him or else you will lose him, and fail the mission.

Once you're in the open area of the river, try to stay away from the right shore and the enemy speedboats (eliminate them if necessary). Try to avoid the incoming Little Birds as well, they cannot be taken down.

At some point, you and Price will make it to the rapids, Price will tell Soap (you) to keep the boat steady and fires three shots at the helicopter, the third one is going to hit it.

After a while, Soap (you) will wake up on the shore after falling down the waterfall.

After you follow Shepherd through the sandstorm, you will see him leaning on a car.

Once you attempt to knife him, Shepherd will ram your head into the car which will cause you to fall, then Shepherd will pull out his own knife and stab Soap in the stomach, causing him to pass out for a short ammount of time. Once your vision returns, you will see Shepherd standing in front of you, loading two rounds in his .44 Magnum, he cocks the hammer of the pistol and points it at Soap's face.

Captain Price intervenes tackling Shepherd and kicking the revolver out of his hand just before Soap gets killed.

Then, you will have to use your left and right mouse buttons to crawl towards the .44 Magnum. Before you get the Magnum, Shepherd kicks it away and stomps on Soap's face, who blacks out.

Soap will wake up again after a short amount of time to see Price and Shepherd fighting, after some time the fight begins to turn in Shepherd's favor. While Shepherd starts kicking Price, Soap notices that the knife is still stuck in his chest.

You have to repeatedly press 'F' to pull the knife out of Soap's chest.

Then, you will have to aim the knife at Shepherd and throw it by pressing left mouse button. Shepherd will look up just before the knife pierces into his left eye, killing him.

Price will attend to Soap's wounds, when he notices a Little Bird landing next to them.

The pilot turns out to be Nikolai, who came to assist Price and Soap.

The game ends as Price and Soap are walking towards the helicopter.

This was the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 6 walkthrough, I hope you found it helpful.

Bonus Mission - An evening with Infinity Ward

This mission can be accessed once you've finished the game. You can seee dioramas of most levels, locations, and events in the storyline in a museum.

Every weapon featured in game can be also found here and you can also pick them up.

A red bell can be found in the first room, it reads 'Do NOT press F', and if you DO press it, every character will turn hostile and start shooting at you.