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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Carmilla

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Carmilla will hide inside her hamster ball of impregnability. Equip your Chaos Claw and dash towards her, start pounding on her ball and it will turn red.

She'll have 3 basic attacks, Rolling at you with great speed (like the rat that she is), A thunder shockwave which you can avoid by jumping and a summoning vampire servants to help her.

The vampires are god sent to you as you will need to replenish your Chaos Magic, also try to conserve as much Void Magic as you can possibly spare. What makes this battle hard is that you'll have to hit Carmilla's ball nonstop. If it turns back to blue you'll need to repeat again, You need to hit her ball 10-15 times to break the shield. I couldn't count properly as it's hard to see if the ball is slowly returning to its blue shade or the amount of hits it takes to break the ball increases after each shield you break.

Like I said the vampires are god sent, Carmilla will be less aggressive while those vampires are roaming the arena. Try to keep one alive while you're pounding her ball. You'll need to break her shield three times before you can proceed to the next part of the battle.

After breaking the ball Carmilla will be more aggressive. She'll also gain a new attack which is a single line of lighting, but can reach the far corners of the arena.

This woman is really annoying especially at this stage. She's completely invulnerable due to her teleportation or rather mist ability. Equip your Void Sword and shoot her with a Void Projection to freeze her in place.

Once she's frozen, get close to her and start putting in as much damage as you can before she moves again. Make sure to let her summon the vampires so you can replenish your Void Magic.

When you've depleted 3/4s of her HP she'll use a new attack. Jump to avoid the electric charges on the floor, it's not that hard to dodge. Once you're safe from the electricity, attack any of the clones until you've narrowed it down to 1.

Kill the last clone and Dracula will regain his mist powers from Carmilla. She'll be furious and attempt to crush you, press right on the Dpad and RT to turn into mist and get away from the phantom's grip.

Now head for the cage where Marie is being kept. Turn into mist and pass through the gate, then drink blood from her to fully regain your HP, including the decrease from the curse.

Head back out the cage with the mist form and Carmilla will no longer be able to teleport away from you. The bad thing is her attacks are also a lot harder to dodge than before.

Hopefully you listened to my advice and kept a lot of your Void Magic. Equip the Void Sword and use the Void Projectile to freeze Carmilla in place.

Once frozen, head over to her and start pounding her with the Chaos Claw for more damage. Once the ice melts, dodge away and freeze her again with the void sword. Rinse and repeat until she dies and she will die quickly this way.

Well the last part was really cheap of me, spamming ice attacks all over the place, but nevertheless Carmilla was the most creative boss in this game and also the most fun. Great experience setting, battle and background. Marie was a great addition to the whole setting.

Now all you have to do is make your way back the bridge and into the castle to start another cutscene and return to the real world.