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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Raisa Volkova - The First Acolyte

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All that hard work for nothing. In the end Raisa will turn out to be the very first child of Satan that you're looking for.

I will now explain to you the overpowered nature of mist form, which may or may not have been intended by the creators of the game. Mist form can make you invulnerable to all types of attacks except flame, electric and blood.

Now let's apply it to this boss battle. Dash over to Raisa and start attacking her. When she tries to attack you, quickly activate mist form and let go of the RT button as soon as she finishes her attack, then go back to attacking her.

Of course mist form wasn't intended for unlimited use, when you run out of power just dash away and wait for it to refill before charging back at Raisa.

After taking some damage from you, Raisa will open up a mouth on her chest area. Well that explains a lot in terms of why she never shuts up. Her attack will be more physical in nature when the mouth is open, making it even easier for you to be dodging with mist form.

When you've taken half of her bar away, she'll fly and land on top of the ruins. Crystals will then start to shoot out from her wings.

Start running around the arena to avoid getting hit by the crystals. Try to avoid using dodge unless you really need to use it. Mainly because there's a short pause between dodging and walking which may be enough for the next crystal to hit you. Turn to mist form when she leaves her post.

Other than that her biggest weapon is the electric pink force that she throws at you every now and then. It's easy to dodge but hard to predict. You can dodge to the sides to avoid taking damage from it.

Just keep attacking her until her HP is fully depleted and she falls. The battle is pretty straight forward and easy, the only thing you have to watch out for are the hard to predict pink light.