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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Agreus

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I bet everyone who made it to this point is so excited about beating the crap out of this guy for being so annoying in the maze. Although you can once again spam mist form dodge everywhere, I'd have to tell you not to and to just stick with blocking and dodging.

Agreus will mostly use his blockable attacks while you're close to him so use that to your advantage and keep blocking him and retaliating.

When you're on mid-range he'll use unblockable attacks. A thing to point out about dodging from his unblockable attack is that you should always dodge to the side twice as he will always attack twice.

Eventually Agreus will switch his lance for twin swords, when he has twin swords equipped he's a lot harder to beat. Now I would recommend you use mist form.

Get close to him and equip both mist form and Chaos Claw, start punching him with the claw to break his defence, then use mist form to dodge his attack when he tries to retaliate. Of course you can also block his blockable attack but it's a bit risky to do it as he's really fast.

Overall your best bet at staying alive and killing this guy is when he is using his lance. Focus on attacking at those moments and defending during his twin sword sequence.

I would also like to point out that you can freeze this guy, but you'll have to hit him at least 3-5 times to completely freeze him and he'll shatter it soon enough.

Keep attacking him every time you get a chance to and the battle will end when you've fully depleted his health. After acquiring the first fragment, make your way back to Trevor and give him the piece.