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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Agreus' Maze

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The most annoying part of this game is Agreus. Honestly, this guy is annoying. The mini stealth game will require you to not step on the dead leaves, the moment you do Agreus will come running and you'll have to repeat the whole maze again. Second you can use the lanterns hanging around the area to distract Agreus, third mist form and dodge are your best friends.

First of all equip your shadow dagger and throw it at the lantern at the left side wall of where you're standing. This will alert Agreus and make him run towards the lantern.

When he does, go into mist form and cross the leaves on your right side. Then jump up the ledge and head around the block all the way to the back where there are no leaves.

Now head towards the next block and use mist form to pass through the dead leaves. Get on the ledge at the left side of the block and make your way around, then drop down on the leafless ground.

From there make your way around the corner and use mist form to get through the dead leaves once again. Use the ledge on the wall to get to the other side without alerting Agreus.

Now drop down on the other side and make a dash for the switch that's on the far left corner of the maze. Well actually don't just run around, use your dodge to quickly make your way there.

The moment you press that switch and the door opens, Agreus will run towards where the switch is and if there's a way to avoid getting spotted I didn't find it. You'll be sent back to the beginning of the maze after getting caught.

Use the same way you did to get to the switch, but this time head directly for the gate, it will be open even if Agreus caught you after pressing the switch.

"Once you get through the gates he'll leave you alone.

At the top you'll find Agreus' pet bird. Equip your Void Sword and freeze it, then head over to where it was and take the mirror that it dropped.