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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Overlook Tower

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Head out into the snow path and jump towards the tower on the left side of the path, then head across the bridge and around the tower.

There's a wooden plank that you can jump towards at the side of the buidling. Head up and towards the right side to get to the next tower.

Drop down at the end of the ledge and walk along the path that leads to the ruins on the opposite side. Climb up the side of the tower and you'll automatically drop down on the clearing at the right side of it.

You'll be attacked by soldiers of the brotherhood after falling down. Your biggest problem is the large soldier, but focus on the smaller ones for now and bid your time on getting a chance to attack the larger soldier.

The large knight will require you to use your Chaos Claw to destroy his armor, just keep attacking him with it to get him to remove the armor himself, then continue killing the smaller knights. Wide area attacks are a good choice for putting in damage on the large knight even without confronting him directly.

After killing the first wave of knights, the priest himself will reappear. This guy is a lot like Carmilla in terms of battle technique. You can't hit him at all until he summons some knights.

When he does summon some knights, focus your attention on them and wait for the priest to enchant them. You'll be able to tell if he did enchant the knights by looking for any type of aura around the priest. While he is enchanting a knight he can't teleport away, giving you the perfect opportunity to attack him.

Kill the priest first, then kill the rest of the knights and head up the ledge that leads towards the castle. Climb up and head for the main door.

Keep going forward within the linear castle area and you'll eventually find Trevor beyond the last door. He'll ask you to look for the pieces of the broken mirror of fate.

Head for the door on the left side of where Trevor is sitting and keep following that path until you get back out of the castle. Turn right once you get outside and climb up the bridge.

Kill the knights and head across the bridge towards the opposite side. Activate the switch to open the door to the next area and proceed forward.

Now you'll arrive at one of the most beautiful areas in LOS 2. Follow the path down and keep going until you get to Pan's statue.