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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Overlook Tower II

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Now you need to get the second piece of the mirror. Head for the door on the right side of the table that Trevor is sitting on and enter the lift.

Activate the lift and equip your shadow dagger, this isn't really needed but extra EXP is always a good thing. Plus you're waiting for the next area to load anyways. Throw daggers at the balloons that will pop-up behind the curtains to win you EXP prize.

Now head out the lift and kill the knights of the brotherhood that are going to attack you, then examine the pillar at the side of the castle entrance. Start spinning it and a bridge will appear.

Climb up the bridge and head for the entrance to the theater and kill the knights of the brotherhood that are inside.

After killing the knights head up the pillar via the rings that are hanging on it and drop down inside the theater room.

Climb up the stage and turn right, then make your way up the side of the stage through the ledge and towards the room on the right side.

Go down path and drop down the hole. Here you'll find a dark spot, use it to turn into a rat and head for the grate on the left side of the room.

Follow the grate tunnel and you'll find yourself back near the stage. Head over to the left side of the stage and you'll find another grate, pass through it and head for the exit.

Use the dark spot on the right side of the grate that you used to enter and equip your Chaos Claw, then throw a bomb at the mechanism to start it.

Now make your way out of this area by following the ramp at the right side of the machine. Once you get back to the stage area backtrack to the first dark spot and return to your true form.

Now climb back up the way you came and drop down on the stage. Pull down the lever at the right side of the stage to start up the play.

"Head for the control panel and you'll be require to take part in completing the play. The solution is:

Now climb up the stairs to the stage and take the heart from the kids hands. Dracula will automatically return the heart and awaken the Toy Maker.