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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Arts District II

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After losing sight of the hooded man, kill the possessed that have come to attack you and proceed forward into the street that the demon chased the man towards and you'll find a hatch at the end of the road.

Drop down on the hatch and follow it to the end, it's linear so you won't get lost. Once you're at the end of the line press B to open the next hatch and exit into the streets.

Kill the enemies and throw a Chaos Bomb on the fire escape ladder to bring it down, then climb up on the ladder and use the fire escape to get inside the building.

Once inside you can either drop down and kill the possessed or waste no time and head for the second metal cage in front of you.

Then make your way to the platform on the left side and from there use the next cage to get further south and use the ladder to get up higher.

Now use the metal cages on the higher floor and proceed to the right and make your way up the second landing and onto the roof from there.

Kill the possessed that are on the roof and throw a Chaos Bomb at the side of the bridge, then proceed through the bridge where you'll fall from.

Freeze the water that's running down right in front of you and quickly make your way up and around the right side of the building.

Climb up the sign and get in through the open window. Inside you'll have to kill some possessed which are loitering around the room.

After killing them head for the metal gate and use mist form to get through it. Then use Void Projection to freeze the pipes on the right side so you can pass through.

Head for the end of the hallway and use mist form to cross the gate. Flip the switch to restore the power, then backtrack to the large room and press the switch on the left side wall to activate the fan.

Stand on top of the fan and turn into mist, the fan will then carry you to the next floor. Activate your Chaos Claw and throw a bomb at the tank right in front of you.

In the next building head forward and drop down the hole, then flip the switch to restore the power and head inside the door right next to the switch.

Head down the next floor and kill the possessed that are in the way, then continue towards the large windows on the left side of the door you used to enter the room.