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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Arts District III

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After fighting Abbadon, head inside the building right in front of the area you fought him and turn left. You'll find a switch on the left side wall, flip it and wait for the door in front of it to open.

Leave through the door and kill the riot police and mechs outside of the building, then proceed towards the center of the street and use mist form to avoid the traps, then jump onto the ledge that the bats are flocking on.

Make your way up the poles and on the ledge below, then shimmy over to the right and keep going until you're able to climb up near the trail of the hooded man.

Now jump onto the swinging platform and make it swing towards the gargoyle decoration of the cathedral. Jump on top of the gargoyle and enter through the broken window.

Follow the path that leads down and use the blood font that's on the stairs landing. Then continue downstairs, you could also jump down from here.

Go through the door at the bottom floor and follow the path until you reach the metal gate. Use your mist form, then pass through the gate and head for the altar to start the cutscene.