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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Viktor Belmont

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This is a fun battle and pretty straight forward. Viktor moves and attacks the same way as the human Gabriel Belmont.

You Chaos Claw, Void Sword as well as any vampire magic will not work at this point and you will have to battle Viktor on equal terms. Fortunately he'll mostly use blockable attacks and when he doesn't you can always dodge to the side to avoid damage.

However you shouldn't carelessly attack him as like you he can deflect your blows and leave you unable to defend yourself against his next attack.

Instead of attacking him like a rabid dog just wait for him to attack you, then block it and start dealing damage. When he recovers stop attacking and wait for another chance to block his attack.

Eventually Viktor will bring down the floor and you'll end up in the lower areas of the castle. Here you'll recover your magic, but Viktor will also use all the relics he has.

This includes everything from holy water to seraph wings. Holy waters mean that you have to jump to avoid damage, as for the others you can just dodge to the side and he won't hit you.

Just keep blocking his attacks and retaliating, he'll sometimes reuse his blockable attack which will make it a whole lot easier for you to lower his health.

Viktor also loves using the spinning chain attack when you're close to him and because of that I would recommend that you dodge to the right all the time, he's completely vulnerable while he's doing this attack.

When you've dealt enough damage to send his HP bar to red, the camera will zoom in on him and he'll send a blue wave at you. Jump to avoid the first one, then press dodge to avoid the second one while in midair.

Prepare to jump every time he jumps up in the air as he will soon send a shockwave that will damage you in a wide radius. Keep attacking him and he'll eventually use the a relic that wasn't present in the first game.

Viktor will grow large with the relic that he used, this is similar to the Cornell boss battle. Just keep going around and breaking the stones in order to return him to his normal size and the battle will end.