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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Inner Dracula (Dracula's Blood)

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It feels like the game is just throwing one boss after another in such short periods of time. Anyways much like most of the bosses in this game he's easy.

He mostly likes to use unblockable attacks and when you're close to him to too long he'll use this blood blob and skewer you with it. The solution is to maintain your distance while also maintaining your damage output.

Don't forget that blood is one of the restrictions of mist form. Meaning you can't dodge all of inner Dracula's attacks with mist form.

If he flies up to the air with his wings, get ready to jump. He's gonna slam the floor and send a blood wave at you, being blood you can't avoid it with mist form.

Once you get his HP down he'll start to glow. Approach him and press B to start the QTE sequence, Dracula will regain his demonic wings afterwards.

You don't need the wings yet so ignore them for now and keep beating up the body of inner Dracula until it collapses to the ground.

The head that was talking to you before the battle begun will then reappear and you have to use the demonic wings to reach it. Dash behind the head, then use the demonic wings and start attacking it.

After a certain period of time the head will hide inside the body again and you'll have to take it down to make the head pop-up again. The body's HP will go down a whole lot faster the second time around.

When he starts sucking blood, make sure to avoid it as if you're caught up in the path, he'll regain HP while you lose some. Other than that you'll have to rinse and repeat attacking the head and taking down the body until the battle ends.