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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Nergal Meslamstea - The Second Acolyte

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And we have another boss battle a few minutes right after the last one. This one is fun though so I'm not complaining. To start off you need to head towards the corridor that Trevor entered earlier after you arrived at this floor.

You're gonna be tortured and tormented by Nergal all the way but he won't kill you so just keep going until you reach the end of the corridor.

After luring him into the darkness and inside Dracula's castle, Nergal will be a lot weaker and Dracula a lot more powerful. The boss battle will then officially begin.

Nergel will revive the Riders of the Wind and you'll have to take them all down, however they do share a single HP bar hence one boss.

I would recommend that you go after the fat one that's holding a pillar. He's attacks are the easiest to read and also the easiest to block.

Just keep blocking and hitting him whenever you can. He very rarely uses any unblockable attacks which is a plus on your side as you're able to attack him a lot more.

When the other two comes closer and starts attacking you, run and lure them away. Try to isolate one of them again, if not the pillar holding one then the spear wielder is the second best choice.

After reducing their HP to a fourth of the bar, a cutscene will play and you'll also receive a checkpoint. Dracula will get rid of the most troublesome of the three, leaving you with the other 2 to deal with.

Like the earlier the pillar holding rider is still the easiest to block and deal a lot of damage on. The spear holder however will be a lot more aggressive both with attacking and defending.

The spear wielder will occasionally use a whirlwind attack which will pull you in for a QTE sequence when you get caught on it and is actually also a good way to deal damage provided that you can press the buttons on time.

If the pillar rider charges up the pillar, get away from both of them and either take your chances with the spear wielder or wait for the pillar holder to release the electricity.

One of the most annoying attacks that the pillar guy uses is the smash attack which you really have to perform a timely demonic wing jump in order to avoid.

The spear warrior is a dummy target as soon as he uses that whirlwind attack. Get near him and start dealing damage, just be careful not to stand in front of the whirlwind.

At 3/4ths of their HP, Dracula will kill the spear rider, leaving you with the easiest of the 3 to deal with. Stand in front of him and keep blocking his attacks.

When he charges up his pillar that is the only time that you should dash away from him and jump appropriately to avoid damage. Other than the more frequent weapon charging he'll still attack the same way.

Once he's almost dead the rider will summon extremely powerful winds and Dracula will be hampered by it. Slowly move forward, but watch the riders pillar.

Every time the rider lifts his pillar you'll need to quickly dodge to the left or right. The game doesn't tell you that you can, but dodging does work at this part of the battle.

Once you get near enough a QTE will start and you'll have to press the at the right moment in order to finish off the acolyte. If you fail you're gonna have to restart the QTE.

After the battle climb up on the pillar that's immediately on your right side and make your way to the entrace that's to the left side of it. You'll need to use your wings to reach that first ledge.

Now drop down on the lower floor and head for the exit that leads towards the horn and you'll find Trevor right beside it.