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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Zobek - Death

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Zobek loves to use unblockable attacks when you're keeping your distance, so get close enough and start attacking him.

Make sure that you have the mist form activa as it will serve as a valuable asset when dodging most of Zobek's attacks. Keep close to him and wait for your chance to block his attack then retaliate.

Once you have enough Chaos Magic, stick close to Zobek and activate your Chaos Claws. Start pounding him with it, your claws will break his defence and he'll be left in a loop of trying to defend against your attacks.

If he breaks out of the loop, just use mist form to dodge his attack or if you can try to block it then go back to attacking him with your claws.

Once you damage Zobek and bring his HP down, he'll summon some of his undead to come and attack you. You don't have to kill these, but I recommend that you replenish your Chaos Magic using these guys.

If you have enough Chaos Magic, use the cyclone ability of the Chaos Claws to quickly wear down the zombies's HP, then finish them off by jumping in the air and holding down square. That's the best way to kill them and get a bit of blood orbs.

Alternatively you can use the cyclone of Void Sword to regain some HP. Once you have a double charged Chaos magic bar, equip the Chaos Claw and throw a chaos bomb at each of the zombies that are on the wall. There's 4 in total, the smaller zombies will die once you kill all 4.

Zobek will resurface once you destroy the first wave of zombies. Like before you can spam him with the Chaos Claw if you have enough magic to last the fight. If not then you'll have to do it the hard way and bid your time waiting for a chance to counterattack.

Right after using mist to dodge an attack from Zobel, quickly return to your normal form and attack him with your whip. This is an effective method to damage him if you're out of Chaos magic.

Eventually he's gonna run again and leave you to fend off his zombies. Throw bombs at the ones on the wall again to finish them off. Make sure to replenish your Chaos magic before you kill all of them.

After the second time he summons zombies, he'll no longer be able to use that attack. Now you'll only have to deplete his HP until only a fraction of it is left.

He'll return to his human form when he gets too weak to fight. His blades will however protect him from you, approach the blades and turn into mist to pass through them and end the battle.