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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Victory Plaza

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Head for the right side of the gate and use your wings to jump across it. Once inside proceed to the hatch at the right side of the main door.

Follow the sewers, it's linear as all other paths except the one you need to pass through will be locked. Turn right on the no trespassing sign and use the fan on the left side to carry yourself up while in mist form.

There are 3 Golgoths in this room, you definitely don't want to be spotted. Hide behind the pillar and throw your bat swarm at the Golgoth on the right side.

Wait for the Golgoth near you to approach and help him, then dash towards the stairs and turn into mist once your near the landing. From there just pass through the Golgoth while in mist form to get to the next room.

The next room is also a puzzle but a lot easier than the first. The plates on the floor have a timer that moves while you're stepping on it and in addition to that there are laser traps around.

Use your wings to jump high enough and avoid the double beams. You need to calculate the speed and height of your jump properly or else you'll trigger the trap.

Your goal is to get to the third tile from the left at the end of the room. Once there turn into mist and let the fan take you up to the next floor.

Fill up your magic bars and replenish your health, then head inside the elevator and take it up to the next floor.

Leave the elevator and you'll see Trevor pass by, ignore him but remember the corridor that he passed through. For now you need to head into the room at the opposite side of the elevator.