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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Arts District

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As you head out into the parking lot you'll be ambushed by 2 of Satan's soldiers. These guys are normal enemies but when there's 2 or more of them they're more formidable than a boss.

You shouldn't focus on one of them at a time, instead hit them whenever possible. You can clearly hear the sound of the unblockable hit so dodge appropriately.

If you have Fire Cover on Chaos Claw, then beating these guys will be a lot easier. Just stand in a safe spot and wait for them to approach you, then unleash it and keep damaging them until the sequence ends.

When a soldier is about to die, it will do a suicidal attack that will cleave off a lot of your HP, I once died from getting caught in the explosion and my HP wasn't even near critical. Make sure to move away once it starts glowing.

After killing Satan's Soldiers, head to the right side of the parking lot and enter the elevator that you previously used in the previous chapter and take it up to the city.

Once outside you'll be once again confronted by a lot of possessed citizens. You don't need to fight them, but I wanted to explain the easiest way of killing them. From here on the possessed will likely be holding hammers and axes. Use heavy attacks from your whip (hold x, x, x...) to break their weapons and leave them open for your attack.

Head up the stairs and turn right. Use mist form to pass through the gate that's blocking your path and continue following the walkway.

Drop down the side of the street, but don't go all the way down to where the possessed are. Stay on the platform before that one and turn right, you'll find a bridge that you can climb up on.

Turn left as you climb on the bridge and turn into mist to pass through the gate, then follow the bridge all the way to the other side.

When you get to the other side step on the fan and turn into mist. Wait for the mist to stop moving, then return to your true form, turn around and jump on the ladder behind you.

Climb the next ladder and some riot police will pop-up. Kill them, then head for the broken pipe on the right side of the platform. Once there turn into mist and the fan will blow you to the next floor.

Once inside the pipe, climb up the ladder and head for the hatch marked with "47" and open it, then proceed inside and up the ladder on the opposite end.

Jump through the hole in the wall right in front of you and a pair of riot police and a riot mech. The riot mech is armored and powerful which is pretty troublesome considering the riot police are annoying enough with their shields.

Focus on the police first, equip your Chaos Claw and start smashing their shields. When their shields are destroyed, switch back to the whip and start building up your focus bar and refilling your Chaos magic.

More riot police will spawn eventually, but the small lapse gives you enough time to break the mech's armor. Once the riot police are dead, switch back to your Chaos Claws and start attacking the mech's head until it's destroyed. Now keep at the mech until it's dead, just ignore the police.

Kill off the remaining riot police and head into the building that you broke while fighting the last riot police and make your way up the broken floors onto the ladder and out the back door.

Flip the switch and wait for the door to open, then head out and drop down between the billboards and head for the cathedral.