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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Toy Maker

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When the battle begins you'll have to fight Sir Walter first, he's defence is very low but his attacks are hard to dodge unless you use mist form to do it.

All of Sir Walter's attacks are either unblockable or smash attacks, to beat him just hit him with a combo from your whip, then mist form when he attacks you. After getting through the attack continue your combo.

After defeating Sir Walter the Toy Maker will come down and start attacking you, he's a bit harder than Sir Walter mainly because of his wide range and mostly unblockable attacks.

Stay close to the head and keep attacking it, you won't have to dodge a lot if you're near the head as the arms don't normally reach there. Use mist form to dodge if you think that you'll get hit.

Also try to keep yourself in the air while close to the head, this will let you avoid getting damaged by smash attacks. The Toy Maker will summon another puppet after you deplete his whole bar.

Now you're up against a dragon that breathes fire, you can't use the mist form to dodge flames so stick with using the regular dodge and run to the sides when needed.

Get close to the dragon and reuse your mist form. Once you get close the dragon won't use the flames as much as it would in mid and long range. Keep attacking the dragon until it falls and the Toy Maker will return.

Once the Toy Maker comes down again, equip your Chaos Claw and start off by throwing a bomb at him. The Toy Maker will then be immobilized for a short time.

Once he's down, head for the head where the Toy Maker is sitting and keep attacking it until the machine gets back up, when it does throw another bomb at it to once again immobilize it. Repeat this until his HP is depleted.

After receiving the second piece of the mirror of fate, backtrack all the way out the theater and to where Trevor is, you'll be sent back to the real world afterwards.