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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Carmilla's Lair

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As soon as you wake up in Dracula's castle, head for the door right in front of you and enter into the next room to start another cutscene.

After the cutscene you'll be poisoned. What the game doesn't tell you is that every time you take damage your health bar will be "locked" to a certain amount. Meaning even if you try to recover you'll never regain all your HP back.

With that cleared up you'll have to fight a couple of skeletons here. They aren't as powerful as the skeletons in the first game, but they are formidable especially the ones with a shield. Focus on dodging and blocking attacks to avoid getting your HP too drained.

You can use the Chaos Claws to destroy the shields, also I'm not entirely sure on this but I heard that you can stop the skeletons from spawning by attacking the blood that resurrects them.

After the cutscene you'll regain your HP and the next area will be open. Carmilla will also start looking for you and you'll have to go through a whole sneaking sequence much like with the Golgoths. First off approach the symbol on the floor and press B to offer your blood. There's 4 all in all that you need to activate while avoiding Carmilla.

Be careful with hiding behind bookshelves as she will lower them when she's nearby and you'll be spotted. If you get spotted you'll have to fight her vampire minions before you can continue opening the seals.

There's a seal in each of the four rooms in the area, the left side, the right side, the one in front of you at the start of the mission and another one right beside the door that you need to get to. Carmilla is also capable of disabling the seals with her blood if she finds an activated one.

You can make this sequence a whole lot easier by using the bat swarm to distract her. If she can't find you for a long time she'll turn to mist and follow you around. Dash away to another room to avoid her.

After unlocking the final seal, Carmilla will disappear and you can freely move around again. Head for the door that opened and offer your blood on the seal inside the next room to open the opposite door.

Fully heal your HP on the blood font and make your way across the bridge and towards the large circular platform on the other side to start another cutscene.

You'll be given a choice as to which one is the real Marie. This is random so I can't give you the correct answer, but it is pretty easy to figure out as one of them will sound more sincere and kind than the other. Another good point is the fake Marie will talk in a more desperate tone (ie. I am the real one) and the real Marie gives more of a "You know deep inside what the answer is."

Once you've chosen, approach Marie and press B to drink blood from her. You'll immediately know if you've chosen correctly because the other Marie will call you "My Prince."