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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Science District

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After talking to Zobek, head back into the elevator and take it back down. The whole city will now be in chaos and there are possessed citizens everywhere. Kill the 2 possessed citizens near the flaming car.

Now kill the other 2 near the gate, leave some Void magic while you're killing them cause you're gonna need it in a little bit.

Head over to the left side and you'll find that your path is blocked by flames. Activate your Void Sword and throw a Void Projectile at both of the pipes.

Then look at the right side and throw a Void Projection at the sprinkler on the ceiling, this will effectively kill the flames and allow you to pass.

Head inside the elevator and use it to get to the city streets. Now you'll be attacked by a bunch of possessed people, you'll have to kill them before you can proceed.

Go towards the bridge and traverse it. Kill all of the possessed people that are on it and make your way to the burning car at the end of the bridge and enter the building through there.

Use the dark spot at the back of the shop and turn into a rat, then head for the hole that you entered through and you'll find a vent on the left side of it.

Follow the vent to the end, then head for the dark spot in that room and turn back into a human. Climb up the fallen bookshelf and jump on the ledge and up the second floor.

Go down the path and drop down the lowest platform, then kill the possessed people in the streets before proceeding.

Head towards the end of the street then turn right and jump towards the other side of the street. Kill off all the possessed people here too.

After killing the possessed people, head for the generator at the right side of the area and throw a shadow dagger at it to stop the current from flowing.

Then head for the dumpster at the left side of the generator and jump towards the fuse box and make your way up and to the right, then climb up inside the building.

Head over to the right side and break down the door, then look at the wall on the left side and jump on the ledge, go around the corner and drop down.

Use the dark spot and turn into a rat, then enter the vent on the right side of the room. In the next room there's another vent on under the bed, use it to get to the room on the other side.

Now use the broken part of the floor to drop down on the lower level and head for the door on the right side. Use the dark spot to turn back to your true form.

Kill all of the possessed in the room and go down on the stairs that leads to the basement. It's the only one besiode the operating table.

When you get to the basement, turn right then go around the corner and equip the Void Sword and start freezing the leaks from the pipe to shut off the flames.

Head inside and start turning the crank, then go back to the other side of the room and pull the switch on the generator to restore the power.

Go into the door and make your way up the wall and up to the next area. Get to the lobby and you'll be attacked by corrupted vampires. Kill them and head up the stairs.

Enter into the second floor area, then turn right and kill the possessed that will attack you, then head for the elevator and use it to climb up or down... I have no idea.

Leave the elevator and drop down from the broken side of the fence, then head over to the center of the area to get the possessed to start attacking you, kill them.

The riot police will come and save you... and attack you as well. These guys are pretty easy to deal with, just break their shields with your Chaos Claw and start pounding them with your whip until they die.

After killing the last of the riot police, head in through the whole that Dracula threw the officer in, then turn left and enter the building. Examine the lever and restore the power, then head out the door on the right.

Follow the path and drop down to street level. Quietly make your way around the riot police and possessed that are fighting down in the streets and proceed to the right.

Enter through the hole in the shutter and up the ramp, then turn left and enter the building through another hole in the shutter. Inside you'll find a hatch, enter the through it.