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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Raisa Volkova

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At the start of the battle you'll immediately notice that she's way too fast for you to even land a single hit on.

Equip the Void Sword and press up on the Dpad to equip the Void Projection. Now stand at the middle of the room and turn your camera around until you spot her, when you do press RT and let go quickly to freeze her.

Now the real battle begins, she'll start off with sending small electric nodes across the floor, just don't get close to any of them and you'll be fine. If you can manage to put in a couple of hits on her before running away, then you can do that.

Any time she tries to attack you with an unblockable attack always dodge twice to either the left or right whichever makes you more comfortable, but never dodge back cause chances are you'll still get hit.

After removing half of her HP she'll go back to the middle of the room and send out electric nodes at a higher magnitude this time. Again just keep away and you'll be fine.

This battle is pretty easy, you only have to follow the basic rythm of hitting her with a four hit combo, then dodge twice to the left or right and hit her with another 4 hit combo. Rinse and repeat until she regains her speed again.

When she does regain her speed, equip the Void Sword again and wait for her to appear, then freeze her again to make her slow down.

Keep repeating the hit and run with the 4 hit combo and she'll go down quickly. Zobek will then transport you along with her back to his place.