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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Bioquimek Laboratory

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After getting back to the real world, drop down from where you are and fill up your magic bar, then turn right and kill the vampire that will attack you.

Head over to the left side and equip the Void Sword, them freeze the water that's coming down near the pipes and use it to climb up and get over to the other side, then drop down.

Equip your Void Sword again and freeze the fan in place, then head for the left side of the fan and you'll find a dark spot. Turn into a rat and proceed inside the fan that you froze in place.

Follow the vent and jump throught the fiery parts of the floor and keep going until you get to the room with electric currents running on the floor.

Make your way across and avoid touching the electricity, then head inside the first corner that you come across.

Follow the vent and find the exit. When you get into the next area turn right and head for the vent right beside the door.

Once inside head all the way to the end and wait for the electricity to stop flowing into the wire, then go to the exposed wire at the end of the vent and chew on it.

Now head back out the vent and turn back to your real appearance via the dark spot right beside the vent that you used to get to this area. An engineer should have been called by the Golgoth at this point.

Hide behind the crate and equip your bat swarm. Now aim at the Golgoth and throw it at him. While he's busy with the bats, quickly get behind the engineer and possess him, then use him to enter the laboratory.

After the cutscene you'll be attacked by the possessed engineers, they're pretty weak and attack almost the same way the vampires do, but are a lot weaker than the vampires. Kill them off to get to the boss battle for this area.