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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Blood Golem

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The first part of this battle is just a tutorial, keep hitting the golem until your focus bar maxes out and it drops some orbs. Absorb the orbs by pressing the left analog stick to fill up your void magic.

The blood will then move towards the golems lower body, for those who played the resurrection DLC for the first LOS, this is the same. For those who didn't this basically means that you can only attack and damage the golem where the blood is, meaning only the lower body at this time.

Get right beside the golem and start attacking it as soon as you can. The best way is to hit it thrice then dodge away, wait until your safe, then dodge towards it and start attacking again.

Be careful with your dodges though as the golem has an unblockable lunge attack and right hand attack. It's always better to dodge to the right with this guy.

It also has a blood smash attack, but unlike the usual smashes, this one will spread out and go right back at him. So you'll have to jump twice to avoid it.

Get its HP down all the way and the blood will move towards the center of the golem's chest, it will then start to glow. Approach it and press B to grapple the golem and press the QTE to move onto the second part of the battle.

After the grapple the blood will spread across the upper part of the golem's body. You'll have to jump before attacking to land some damage on it.

Fortunately LOS2 has upgraded the dodging system, it will now allow Dracula to dodge while he's in the air. You can dodge the same way you do on the ground.

The golem will have 2 new attacks at this stage. The first is breathing ice on you and freezing you in place, it's hard to predict this one and you'll probably get hit by it a lot more than you'd want, but simply dodging will allow you to get past it.

The second is the golem smashing the ground and sending blood to come after you, the blood will then turn into spikes once it gets below you. You can jump then dodge in midair to avoid it, or just dodge away on the ground.

Other than that the battle will proceed as it did during the first stage, keep attacking the golem until you deplete its health and start the cutscene.

Now head for the golem's head and take out the eye to acquire your first void gem.