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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Soldier of the Brotherhood (Paladin)

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This is a pretty lengthy first boss battle. The guy in golden armor has a couple of attacks, first off is his unblockable attack. To dodge it, just dodge to the right twice cause he will definitely try to slash you twice.

The second attack is a normal blade attack that you can easily block. This is the best attack for you to deal some damage on him. Just parry it and start hitting him with your chain.

He also has a long range attack, you can tell it's coming when he positions his swords in an "x" shape and you'll hear the sound of metal grinding metal. Dodge to the right when his right hand sword is near the edge of the left sword.

His last attack is a shockwave that will send you a few inches back. He usually uses this when you're landing combos on him. The damage is small but you can also easily avoid if by dodging back when he curls up under his wings.

The best way to avoid the shockwave is to hit him with a 3-5 hit combo, then dodging away. Repeat this until his HP is fully depleted to enter the second phase of the battle.

In the second part of the battle you won't confront the golden knight directly. He'll fly around and send lower knights to attack you. Kill the knights and jump when the titan is about to punch the castlewalls to avoid falling down.

Once you've killed all the knights the titan will shift its arm and you'll have to scale it and get on top. First move to the left side, then up. Press the QTE whenever the titan attempts to smash you into the castle.

After avoiding all the attempts to smash you against the wall, a part of the titan's arm will fall down and you'll be able to proceed up the arm.

When you get near the top the golden knight will attempt to shoot you down with his fancy flaming bow, damn where was this when you were still Gabriel Belmont? Anyways continue climbing up the arm and you'll be given a hint on how to destroy the small parts near the titan's elbow.

Climb over to the left or right side and hang on top of the bolt. Wait for the knight to aim at it, then climb down and wait for him to shoot it. Do the same on the other side to break the upper part of the arm.

Get to the middle part of the arm and jump towards the elbow mechanism of the titan.

Jump across the gears when the hollow parts of it are right on top of you. Be careful about the knight though as he will annoy you all the way.

When you finally climb up on the next surface you'll see more of those nodes that you made the golden knight shoot. Stand on top of each one and make him shoot them again.

Kill the knights that will come after you, then open up the gate behind the nodes and proceed up the next set of gears.

When you get to the top most gear, drop down on the left side and wait until you see more nodes that you can hang from on the left side, then use those to climb up to the next surface.

This time you'll be attacked by a lot of shielded knights. Equip your Chaos Claw and stand on one of the nodes. Fight the knights there and only dodge when the knights use an unblockable attack or the golden knight has locked onto the spot.

Open up the gate that leads to the crystal that powers up the titan and watch Dracula do the most disgusting thing a protagonist has ever done.

You'll have to take on the golden knight one last time after destroying the titan. He's attack pattern will remain the same until you damage him. He'll then turn his dual blades into a spear and throw it around like a boomerang. Jump to avoid getting damaged.

He can also turn it into a bow and start firing arrows into the sky which will come down on you. Jump keep running around but be careful cause he can attack you while those arrows are falling.

The golden knight will also defend against your attacks a lot while his swords are like that. Equip the Chaos Claw and use it to destroy his defense and start dealing some damage.

Be careful when he's using the sword as a lance and try to break his defence as soon as possible to get him to go back to double blades, when he does let loose and keep attacking him until you deplete his health and start the cutscene.

When you regain control of Dracula you'll be in the modern world, picking up from where the ending of the first game ended. A boy will appear in the street, follow him all the way into the alley.

Here you'll be attacked by a creature of unknown origin. Let it beat you up, you can't win this battle. Another cutscene will start soon after it nearly kills you.

When you regain control again you'll be in a dark room, hearing people scream for help. Approach the family at the end of the room and prepare to watch one of the most disturbing scenes ever.