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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Dracula's Castle: Bernhard's Wing

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Go forward and turn right, then keep following that path until you see a set of stairs. This is your first time seeing the blood font, it's basically the health font of LOS 2, drink from it then proceed up the stairs.

Climb up the stairs and jump on the pillar where the bats are flocking, then continue to make your way up and towards the right side until you reach the door that leads outside.

"Follow the path around the castle and enter back inside through the door at the end of it. Pull on the lever at the middle of the room and another door will open.

After pulling on the lever, the mechanism will be shown completely stuck in place due to some blood latching on it. Equip your dagger and throw them at the blood to get the door to open.

In the next room you'll need to get all the way to the balcony on the other side. To do that you need to jump on the chandelier and run back and forth in one line to get it to swing.

Once it swings enough to touch the next chandelier, jump off of it and towards the next one. Repeat this until you get to the next balcony.

Follow the boy into the next room and jump towards the ledge where the bats are swarming and make your way to the right.

Now climb up and head into the hallway to start a cutscene. I must admit this game is pretty creepy for something that isn't tagged a horror game.

When the floor starts falling apart head for the left side and jump towards the extended part of the floor that hasn't fallen yet.

It will soon fall and you'll have to climb your way back to floor level, then tilt your analog to the right and jump towards the ledge.

The pillar that you're hanging on will slowly fall down, wait for it to fall, but be prepared to jump forward at any time. Once it falls enough, bats will appear on the surface right in front of you, jump towards it and dash to the next room.