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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Entering Bioquimek

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After regaining a little bit of your strength and getting sent to infiltrate the pharmaceutical company, Bioquimek, head forward then turn left and interact with the shutters on the building to your left side.

Head up the stairs and press up on your Dpad, then press RT and aim at the glowing parts on top of the shutters and let go of the RT button to throw your dagger on it, then approach the shutters and open them.

Head over to the right side where the rats are and press B to hide in the darkness AKA. turn into a rat. Guards won't pay any attention to you while you're a rat although they may occasionally step on you if you get too close.

Once you're a rat head for the door that the Golgoth guard was standing in front of but don't head for the door yet, on the left side just before the door there's another dark spot. Go to it and press B again to return to your true form.

Now get behind the Golgoth and press B to possess him, then head for the door and interact with it. The golgoth's body will enable you to pass the security scan and proceed further into the laboratory.

The second room is a bit trickier than the first. This time press the right button on the Dpad to select your bat swarm, then press RT and aim at the Golgoth that's away from the ladder and send the bat swarm on him.

The Golgoth that's standing right in front of the ladder will then leave his post, allowing you to gain access to it while his busy helping the other Golgoth.

Once you're on top of the ladder, tilt your analog stick to the northeast and wait for the electricity to stop running on the ledge before you jump on it.

Jump towards the next room and the Golgoth will follow you after Dracula slips and creates a sound. Head for the stairs on the opposite side of the room and drop down on the catwalk right below it.

Turn right and head for the stairs, then follow the catwalk all the way to the next room and turn right near the broken railing. A cutscene will start once you get to the next room.

The boy will once again appear in front of you and lead you along a linear path, follow him until you get back to Dracula's castle.