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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Dracula's Castle: Bernhard's Wing II

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You need to find some way to refill your void magic. To do that, enter the room on the right side and press the left analog stick to fill up the magic bar, then use the blood font to replenish your health.

"After filling up your void magic, head back outside the room and activate your Void Sword. Press up on the Dpad to select your shadow dagger, but when the Void Sword is equipped this turns into the Void Projection ability. Press RT and aim at the waterfalls to freeze it.

Now use the waterfall and climb up to the top. Once you get to the top, turn right and destroy the crates that are blocking your way, then enter the room and turn left immediately.

Follow the water and turn right at the first corner and head over to the next room.

In the next room immediately turn right and jump on the wooden beams to get up to the next floor, then turn right and follow that path to start another cutscene.

Vampires, well lower vampires will come and attack you after the cutscene. These guys are like the fodder of the castle and are like the lowest enemies. They're only slightly more powerful than the knights of the Brotherhood.

During this part of the game, every time you deflect a vampire's attack, it will sink into the ground and kidnap Trevor. Head over to it and start attacking to get the vampire to let go of him.

Defeat the vampires and Trevor will give you the wolf's medallion. Head over to the glowing circle at the middle of the room and press B to use the medallion and a white wolf will appear.

Head over to the pillar on the left side of where the white wolf appeared and use it to climb up to the wolf and follow it inside the door.

It will take you inside the portal, follow the wolf all the way to the end to get back to the real world.