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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Prologue

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The game begins with Gabriel Belmont, now a powerful vampire called Dracula, defending his castle from yet another attack from the Brotherhood of Light which he once served.

The whole of the first battle is just a large tutorial for the basic controls of the new battle system, as well as Dracula's skills and weapons.

For those who have played the first game (Castlevania: Lords of Shadows) The only main difference in battle is the dodge system, light and dark magic being changed to the void sword and chaos claw (healing and damage) and lastly the removal of the grapple system, meaning you can only grapple enemies that are glowing now.

Another thing is that they changed the QTE from the overlapping circle to a merging one which you have to press once it glows.

As previously mentioned the light magic has been swapped out for the Void Sword, but the effects are the same. Although for LOS 2 the void sword is also a quicker weapon than the chaos claw.

The shadow magic has been changed to the Chaos Claw and is also a heavy weapon capable of destroying enemy defenses (blocking and shields) as well as deal higher damage.

After defeating the soldiers of the brotherhood, Dracula will push their ram back and head into the hallway. Go forward and you'll be introduced to a new platforming mechanic. Bats will show you ledges that you can grab making it easier to spot where you need to go.

Jump onto the left side of the gate and climb up to the top then make your way to the right side and jump towards the next part of the gate.

Tilt your analog stick to the northeast and jump towards the ledge. Continue making your way to the right and cross the beam once it falls, then jump towards the chain that's hanging from the walls.

Make your way to the other side of the chain, then start climbing down on the pillar. Now enter the path on the left side directly beside the pillar you climb down on to start a cutscene.