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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Gorgon Sisters

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The Gorgon will create a barrier as soon as the battle starts, equip your Chaos claw and start pounding on the rocks until it breaks.

Dash towards the Gorgon as soon as you break it and switch back to the shadow whip. Start pounding away at the Gorgon, 3-4 hits should suffice, then dash back to avoid its retaliation.

It has 3 attacks, a sweeping claw attack, a ground punch attack and the hardest to dodge is the spit attack. The first two you can easily dodge by dodging towards the back of the area, the third one is a bit more tricky and will require you to either dodge to the southeast or dodge back twice.

After dealing enough damage to the Gorgon, it will punch you and get its hand stuck in the floor. Equip your Void Sword and use Void Projection to freeze it in place.

Now climb up on the Gorgon's arm and move towards the fin on the side when it opens, this will allow you to avoid getting damaged by the other hand and continue climbing once it passes.

Move towards the side of the head and wait for it to look in your direction, then move towards it and get eaten.

Press the QTE to bring down the one of the Gorgon's heads and attack it once it's down on the ground. The head will then pop off and the other 2 heads will resurface.

The battle will then proceed to running as it did before, just keep at the Gorgon until it tries to splat you again.

When it does, freeze its hand in place and equip the Chaos Claws. Start punching the stone that's protecting the arm until it shatters, then proceed up the arm and near the head.

The Gorgon will attempt to hide the second head, there are 2 stones on the side of the head now, use them to move back and forth across the shoulder to avoid the Gorgon's claws until it the head resurfaces, then jump towards it and follow the QTE.

With the Gorgon incapable of moving again, hit the exposed head with your strongest attacks, note that you should leave some Void magic as you would need it to end the battle.

With the second head gone, the Gorgon will unleash a new attack. It will fire up balls of fire in the air which will rain down on you. Dash towards the unaffected part of the area to avoid it.

"Equip the Void Sword and wait for the Gorgon to open its mouth, then fire a Void Projection at it to end the battle.