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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Chupacabra's Shop

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After defeating the Gorgon sisters, equip your Chaos Claw and press up on the Dpad, then press RT and aim at the top floor, then let go to shoot a bomb at the castle and create an opening.

Now head for the left hand of the Gorgon and make your way up the next floor via the pillar on the right side of the arm.

Head down the path on the right side and fill up your magic bars as needed, then proceed further down the path and climb where the bats are flocking.

Get inside the next room and head for the front of the statue. Activate the switch in front of the statue and head down the path and into the door.

Cross the bridge and take out the Jailer and his minions to acquire the dungeon key that you need. Insert it into the mechanism and open the door on the left side of it.

Go through the door and offer your blood once again, then head across the platforms and out the door on the opposite side.

Dracula will automatically enter the Chupacabra's shop. This guy will now start selling items to you as long as you visit his shop in the castle. You can buy everything from gems to artworks in his shop.

After purchasing what you need, head back the way you came and get on the elevator, the Chupacabra will then give you Dragula's medallion. This item is a powerful artifact which acts the same way as the crystal in the first game.

Now head back upstairs and use the wolf's medallion on the wolf crest and head over to where the wolf appeared to get back to the real world.

Jump down the next floor and proceed into the parking lot. Keep moving forward and turn left and enter the elevator, then activate it to go back up to Zobek's place.