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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Satan's Soldier

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This guy is easy and you won't have to fight him that much. He has 3 attacks, unblockable lunge attack (dodge to the sides), stomp attack (dodge to the sides) and lastly a claw attack which you can block and retaliate.

Once you damage him a little bit he'll get stunned and start to glow. Approach him and press B, Dracula being the glutton that he is will attempt to feed on the demon and get knocked back.

After you get sent flying, you're in risk of being caught by a Golgoth. Immediately head over to the window on the right side and climb out of it.

Now jump above the window and make your way to the right side of the train, up the ladder and move to the south of the train, back to where the Soldier is.

After the cutscene, ignore the Soldier and equip your bat swarm. Then throw the swarm on the Golgoth to make it stop shooting the train connectors.

Continue towards the right side of the train and climb up to the top and keep on walking towards the next cart of the train.

After getting on the next cart, quickly go to the ladder on the left side and drop down on it. Then move to the right and enter through the broken window.

Hide behind cover and wait for the Golgoth to approach you and turn around. Then follow behind him and possess him, use his body to open up the door right in front of where you were hiding.

Satan's Soldier will then come back for round 2. He won't even have an HP bar this time so you can either use this time to gather some magic orbs or just keep dodging him and wait for the train to get to the next tunnel.

It will run from you and you'll have to dash towards the next cart and jump where the bats are flocking. Then make your way to the right side and up the train's roof. Head for the next cart to start the next sequence.

For this you'll have to move around the beam and avoid the lights that will damage you every time you get hit by them. Keep doing it until the Soldier comes back for you.

Now the real battle will begin. He'll move the same way but the small area isn't really helping with anything so you have to be on your guard against his attacks.

Because of the small space, I won't recommend blocking his attack unless you're absolutely sure that it's a blockable one.

His HP does go down pretty quickly so you won't have to worry too much about dying at this point. Just keep pounding him with the whip and Void Sword when you need HP and he'll die soon.