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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Team Exploration

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Zobek's Lieutenant will lead you up the hole, follow him and drop down on the next area, then pull the lever and turn on the power to open the door.

Follow the path and drop down in the next area. You'll need to take out all of the possessed before you can proceed to the next area.

After killing the possessed head for the switch on the left side of the tunnel that's blocked by electricity, then call the Lieutenant to hold it for you.

Head inside the tunnel that you can now pass through and pull out the cables that are glowing directly in front of it to shut down the electricity permanently.

Once you regroup with Zobek's Lieutenant turn right from the cables you pulled out and follow that path until you get to the end. Drop down and kill the enemies that are lying in wait below.

On the right side of the area there's a metal mesh that you can climb on. Jump on it and press Y to call the Lieutenant. Open the gate with his help and proceed forward.

Follow the path and head for the pillar where the bats are swarming. Climb up to the third floor and make your way to the broken metal beam and down towards the shattered door.

From there drop down and approach the metal gate on the left side to start a cutscene.