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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Roman Provinces, 38 A.D. - The low road

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Jump over the rocks to fall down into the furnace.

Use Delgados's fire shield to pass over the coals safely.

Jump down here and watch out for some enemies. While you are playing as Delgado in this section of the map you are separated from the rest of the team. If you die here you will have to start over again.

Open the gate and use the fire shield to pass safely.

Passs another gate.

Keep your distance from the suiciding cultists and use your fire demon.

When you see stairs going down near a railing go to the right instead.

Go down through here.

You will see a lever on the lower floor. Jump over the rail to reach it.

Delgado opens the gate for the rest of the team.

A gate will open to let some enemies in. Go through there.