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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Roman Provinces, 38 A.D. - Decadence

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Pass through the Roman temple and fight the incoming enemies.

Behind a closed gate you will see The Firstborn. Use Jones to project yourself onto it.

When you jump to the child look around and you will see patroling soldiers. Jump from soldier to soldier across the corridor.

When you run out of soldiers to jump onto, there should be a lever at the end. Press 1 while looking at the lever to use it.

Once the lever is pressed the gate will lift and you can enter the corridor with patroling soldiers.

Lift a gate open with Delgado.

A tougher battle will ensue in this hall.

At the end of the hall are some ranged enemies. Black can take care of those.

Traverse a few more corridors to find the end of the level.