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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough The Crusades, 1213 - Black Rose

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The Jericho Team are reunited once again.

Cole's second ability is unlocked. Firestorm will give fire bullets to the entire team for a short time increasing their damage.

Go towards the end of the cathedral to meet the boss for this chapter.

Maltheus will move slowly towards your team and stop to detonate himself. The explosion can incapacitate your team so keep your distance at all times. Try to separate your alpha and omega teams on two different sides so you don't get your entire team wiped from one blast.

You will have a short time to damage him after each detonation he makes. When he takes enough damage the crusader children will attack him and rip him apart.

Once Maltheus is dead the rift to the next part of the Pyxis will open. Approach the storm to enter the next level.