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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Roman Provinces, 38 A.D. - Imperium

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The team finds themselves in Roman times.

Some enemie here will have shields and spears. Wait for them to reveal themselves to damage them.

Use Delgado to open doors like this one.

Delgado's fire demon is useful against the soldiers who hide behind their shields.

Explosives are a good way to kill the shielded enemies.

You will encounter a blood golem once again. When you destroy all runes around it's collar but the yellow one switch to Church to finish it off.

Press the buttons on screen to perform the finisher.

You will see a crucified centurion afterwards. He will tell you about the governor Cassus. You will need to find him to reach the next part of the Pyxis.

Go down the road with crucifixes.

Fight some flying enemies at the end of the road.

You will find the entrance to the next level right of the barricaded road.