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Clive Barkers Jericho Walkthrough Roman Provinces, 38 A.D. - Temple of pain

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Before going down the stairs look left over the railing and you will see some soldiers coming up. Shoot them in the back to dispose of them easily.

You will reach a spacious hall. Prepare for trouble.

A gigantic gladiator will attack you. His movement is slow so keep your distance.

Try to command your team so they spread out around him.

The only way to damage him is to shoot his wounded back. Don't get too close behind him because he has a fast attack that strikes backwards. Try to avoid the wrecking ball he shoots out by hiding behind the pillars.

Afterwards you will reach an outside area.

There will be enemies sniping you from the other side but you can't reach them directly.

Use Jones' telekinesis to flip a lever and stop any more enemies from coming.

When all enemies are dead switch to Church and look to the ledge on the left. You can cross over to the other side.

Be ready to hit the buttons in time to safely cross.

Stand on a tile.

While you are standing on the tile order alpha team to stand on the tile on left side and omega team on the tile at the right side. You have to point at the places between the pillars.

Once all three tiles are pushed a bridge will extend. Order your team to get back to you.