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Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough Return to Cairo

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You receive a new goal from Chad Dumier: kill Paul Denton. Dumier orders you to talk to this Illuminati elite trooper at street level. Choose dialogue option (1) to continue peacefully.

Choose option (2) and you'll have a fight on your hands.

Talk to Sid Black. You can choose to hire him now for 500 credits, upon which Ava Johnson will tell you that she's leaving for New York.

Talk to the Queequeg's manager. If you choose to tell him the truth about Pequod's and Queequeg's he'll give you the keycode to the safe at Pequod's in the arcology. There's a medkit behind the bar.

Head to the greenhouse and battle these two greasels. Two more will spawn behind you. You'll find the greenhouse closed, but a medkit, a multitool, a flare and 100 credits can be found at the gate.

The arcology doors are locked. They can be opened with multitools, or, for a little more drama, your rocket launcher.

Take out the two power-armored Paladins and security camera. In an open locker is a medkit and a datacube revealing that the Templars have disabled the arcology elevator. A multitool two-pack is on the elevator floor.

Travel to the north medina. JC Denton urges you to revive his brother Paul.

Ascend these stairs and receive a goal from Nicolette Duclare: talk to Leo.

Purchase what you want from the Omar. There's a multitool on the floor behind this gate.

Talk to Leo downstairs in front of the Order mosque. There's a multitool behind the tires. Option (1) is the clean option to get Leo out of his predicament. Choose option (2), though...

...and watch the fireworks as Leo unloads on the Omar. Either way, Leo continues to be your friend and will offer his support in New York.

Talk to Lin May Chen at the north end of the street to learn that the Illuminati elite trooper will self destruct with toxic vapor once he locates his enemy - Paul Denton. A nearby locked trunk holds two energy cells -- just don't let the SSC see you picking the lock. Listen to the public terminal for the final Talk Bullet.

Head to the apartments and talk to Maskini Nassif to learn of hidden Templars. Two ammo clips are on the shelves to the right and an energy cell is on the shelves in the northwest corner. A medkit is in the trunk in the bedroom and another is in the bathroom.

Head upstairs to the same Templar apartment as before. You can bypass the outer vent as the door is unlocked and the two Templars (Silas Archer and a Paladin) are just as easily startled either way. Here I've just knocked both out with a single EMP blast from my spy drone. The locked crate holds an energy cell, an ammo clip and a medkit. A silencer can be found on the nearby table. Return to Maskini Nassif for your reward of 200 credits.

Return to street level and enter the mosque. Just don't make the mistake I did here by charging on in.

The place is swarming with Templars. This bot and the single power-armored Paladin are easily taken out with your spy drone. The other Paladins can be brought down almost as easily with your boltcaster. A table to the right of the entrance has two chits worth 25 credits each. As before, a multitool can be found on this beam, and an energy cell in the basket ahead.

More Paladins are downstairs. Talk to Mrs. Ameer and she'll give you the code to the SSC kiosk in the arcology. As before, a medkit can be found between the bunks. Heal at the medbot.

Still downstairs, follow the corridor east then north and receive the gratitude of Jennifer McAllister. There's a multitool on the floor beneath the stairs.

Upstairs you'll find these two Templar scientists. Spot the two ammo clips on the desk. The cabinet beyond holds two energy cells and a medkit.

Return downstairs and ride the elevator to the arcology.

Ready for a fight once you step off the elevator. Dumier threatens to kill Klara Sparks unless you do as he says.

Don't head up the ramp yet. Instead, head down. Send your spy drone to disable a security camera and take out the Paladins in this room, including one equipped with power armor.

More Paladins are at the recruiting station. Here, I bring them down with the cloak/biotox attack drone combo. Search their bodies and the bodies of fallen SSC for ammo and supplies. An ammo clip is on the desk and there's 100 credits in the safe. An ammo clip can be found among the palms.

Open this wall safe with the code given to you by the Queequeg's manager. Inside you'll find a scrambler grenade, 100 credits and an increased range mod.

Talk to NG Resonance to receive a new goal: determine if she is trapped on level 110.

Descend to the arcology's maintenance tunnels.

Crawl into the alcove we had visited earlier to find the final secret weapon of the game - the Widowmaker SMG.

The Widowmaker SMG is more accurate and fires spiderbombs with its secondary fire.

Continue up the hall to nanoformer programming. Defeat the three WTO guards (including Donna Morgan) and free Klara Sparks.

Talk to Klara and she gives you a range weapon mod. The locked locker holds two ammo clips. Drop below (where the nanoformer bots used to be) for a standard biomod canister, a multitool, energy cell, ammo clip, flashbomb, and an EMP converter.

Return above and find that the elevator to Tarsus is unavailable. You can search the fallen SSC guard for supplies. You can either head up the ramp to level 108, or use this vent. You'll have to defeat some red lasers and the first ceiling vent (above the guard station) is blocked, but the second will allow entry to level 108.

If you chose the vent, you'll have a bit more surprise in taking out this Paladin.

Send your spy drone into the guard station, taking out these Paladins before they can activate the ceiling turret, as well as dropping the gold laser grid. Use the keycode Mrs. Ameer gave you on the locker and find a mag rail, an ammo scavenger, an ammo clip and an increased range mod. Past the fallen grid you'll find an increased damage mod.

The elevator to ApostleCorp is locked down. Proceed to Arcology Air.

You are met by the Illuminati elite trooper.

Saman interrupts. You can ask him to make you a knight or insult him. Either way he informs you that his Paladins have been ordered not to fire upon you - yet. He orders you to give blood for analysis. Your pilot, either Ava or Sid, now informs you that you must activate the pilot beacon if they are to land.

If you plan to rescue Paul, it's best to take out the Paladins now. Once you open fire (I used the spy bot on the power-armored Paladins) a battle is joined by the Illuminati elite trooper, the Paladins, and the SSC. If the trooper is killed (that's his toxic vapor on the right), Dumier asks for your help.

Before entering flight bay 24, grab the ammo clip seen on the left and read the datacube to learn that Paul's belongings are upstairs.

Talk to Dr. Todd. Choose option (1) and Paul Denton will die. Choose option (2) and you've got a fight on your hands.

If you choose to rescue Paul, your first priority will be this military bot. Bring it down, along with the power-armored Paladins. Again, my weapon of choice is the spy drone. Your cloak and the large crates afford you some safety. If you need energy, you can skip ahead to flight bay 23, where you'll find a repairbot. The remaining Paladins can be brought down nonlethally with your biotox attack drone or your boltcaster.

The rocket launcher works well against this ceiling turret, but it's splash damage likely incinerates the Paladin in the overlook. Pacifists will find the cloak/thermal masking combo to excel in bay 24.

Climb the ladder to find Paul's supplies in this locked chest: two biomod canisters, an energy blade, a glass destabilizer and two ammo clips. Also found in this overlook are an EMP prox mine, a shotgun, another ammo clip, and a concussion grenade. The security computer up here is useless.

If you gave your blood to Dr. Todd, barriers will rise around Paul and he will die. Otherwise, activate this computer and you can either revive Paul, or terminate life support, resulting in Dumier's congratulations seen here.

Alternately, revive Paul, have a conversation with him, then receive this message from JC Denton.

A multitool is to the right of this machine. Behind it is a sniper rifle, two ammo clips and binoculars. Head to flight bay 23.

If you've angered Dumier, he sends more elite troopers. Like the power-armored Paladins, knocking them unconscious with your spy drone results in their self-destruction. A pacifist technique? You decide.

Two ammo clips are on a shelf to your left as you enter flight bay 23. If you didn't kill Dr. Nassif earlier, she'll give you a biomod canister now. The SSC chief asks you to locate and activate the pilot beacon. Recharge at the repairbot then proceed through the storage bay door on the right.

You've found NG Resonance - but she is none too grateful. Her nearby trunks hold 200 credits, an ammo clip, a silencer, and a medkit. Just don't let the guards see you breaking the locks. If you return to the NG hologram, you'll have different responses depending on whether you've left NG alive, dead, or unconscious.

Slip through this vent near flight bay 24, then climb the ladder to the flight bay 23 overlook.

If you have the Illuminati on your tail, an elite trooper will be waiting for you -- take him out or remain cloaked.

Two spiderbombs are inside this locked cabinet. A mag rail and an EMP grenade are alongside. You'll find a multitool behind the corner couch and a medkit on the nearby desk.

If you allowed Dr. Todd to take your blood, you'll receive a message from Saman on this holocomm now.

Activate the pilot beacon. If you've hired Sid Black to take you to New York, he offers your choice of strafing runs for 2000 credits. Don't do it -- he'll rip you off. No matter which pilot you've chosen, you can leave for New York immediately from this position.