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Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough ApostleCorp Ending

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This ending is my personal favorite, and is the only ending where you can complete the game without killing anyone. You have uploaded the Aquinas spec to the Dentons and allied yourself with ApostleCorp. Three Illuminati elite troopers now patrol UNATCO HQ. Defeat them or, better yet, cloak past them to avoid their toxic vapor.

Saman threatens as you approach the exit.

Upon exiting, you'll find Saman and several power-armored Paladins waiting for you. If you choose to cloak past them, you can witness this battle between the Templars and the Illuminati.

For an optional side quest, take that door ahead to the Island's east side, careful to avoid the fire from this hunter-seeker.

You'll find the entrance to the north dock on your immediate left. The large military bots are allied with you. Avoid or drop the lone Illuminati elite trooper on the dock.

You'll find Tracer Tong rear-left. You may need to defend Tong against the elite trooper as he can die. He explains why the island is frozen and gives you a new goal: repair the three bots he has brought with him. Inside the shack you'll find a biomod canister, a medkit, two energy cells, two ammo clips, a stun prod, and a frag round mod.

Use multitools on these power boxes to repair the bots.

As you repair the bots, they emerge from their containers. Repair all three bots to complete the goal.

Return to Tong and you have these dialogue options. Avoid option (4) as Tong will open fire on you.

Choose any of the other three dialogue options and the result is the same. Tong and the bots join a battle at the statue entrance on the west side.

This is a fierce battle and Paul is vulnerable -- that's his body on the ground ahead. If you don't visit Tracer Tong this battle never takes place and the Dentons remain safely inside the statue.

Quickly step through the doorway before the Dentons emerge and keep them out of harm's way.

Paul reassures you that JC's plan is the right path for humanity.

Step into the infusion chamber and activate the Helios uplink machine.

The final cutscene plays of all humanity harmoniously united through Helios.

You are left with this quote from John Stuart Mill. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game and I also hope that this walkthrough helped you! Game on!