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Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough Renegade Ending

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You have rejected the three main factions, instead choosing to team up with Leo Jankowski and the Omar. Your task: kill the leaders of the three factions and destroy the Denton's Helios machine. Leo doesn't do so well in battle. Here he is being blown up by a Paladin. You can choose to have him fight along side you (if you enjoy babysitting bad AI). My choice is to have him stay put in the bunker.

A cloak/thermal masking combo goes a long way in this mission. Head through the south docks to the Illuminati encampment through the door beyond.

Recharge at this repairbot.

Head underneath the building and bypass this keypad, opening the trap door above.

Time to abandon pacifist play. Knocking the faction leaders unconscious is insufficient to complete your goal. Pop up like a jack-in-the-box and use your rocket launcher's primary fire to send a missile into the adjoining room, barbecuing Chad Dumier to a crisp.

Step inside to make sure Dumier is dead -- he's the Illuminati leader who must die. (Sorry blondie.) Remain cloaked as an elite trooper may have survived.

This locked trunk holds a standard biomod canister, a fragmentary round and four ammo clips.

Recharge at the repairbot then return to the west side of the island. Inside this building near the statue entrance you'll find three ammo clips, an EMP grenade and a medkit. Your cloak/thermal masking combo will conceal you as you climb onto the roof.

A single gray guards the door. Blast it open with your rocket launder's primary fire.

Now you must kill Paul and JC Denton. My preference is the rocket launcher's alternate fire, which launches a slow-moving missile that you can guide while in flight. Fire several rounds into each Denton to kill them.

Next, you must destroy the infusion chamber. Again, the rocket launcher's secondary fire works well.

Luminon Saman expresses his displeasure. He has bigger worries -- he's next on your list.

Reactivate your cloak/thermal masking and avoid/destroy this hunter seeker before heading through the door beyond to the island's east side.

The Templars' encampment is inside this bunker.

Send in your spy drone to find Saman huddled close to his precious Paladins. Knock out the Paladins with your spy drone's EMP blast, causing them to self-destruct, causing Saman to die.

JC has, somehow, revived into a mortal again, and protests that the Omar are destroying the Helios core. You receive a new goal. Kill JC Denton - AGAIN!

Reactivate your cloak/thermal masking and enter the statue so that JC may spawn.

Reclaim your perch atop the nearby roof and once again use your rocket launder's secondary fire to kill JC Denton.

The Omar express their gratitude -- by offering a discount.

The final cutscene plays. Two hundred years of war have left the earth a charred hunk of rock.

And evolved a new glorious humanity, hardened and able to expand into the bleakest corners of the universe.

Lastly, you are left with these words from Montaigne. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed the game and I hope this walkthrough helped you! Game on!