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Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough Illuminati Ending

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You'll have no new opposition as you leave UNATCO HQ, but JC Denton and Luminon Saman threaten to kill you.

Saman and his Paladins are just outside the door. Engage them or simply cloak and walk past as I do here.

Proceed through the south dock and continue through the door to the Illuminati encampment beyond. The elite troopers will not harm you.

Recharge at this repairbot.

Walk around to the front of the building and walk through the front door.

Talk to Chad Dumier and learn that he has rewarding plans for your cooperation.

Talk with Nicolette DuClare to learn more of the Illuminati's philosophy of natural aristocracy.

The neighboring room holds this unlocked trunk. Inside you'll find a standard biomod canister, a fragmentary round, and four ammo clips.

Return through the south dock and find a mag rail and two energy cells here.

Head toward the statue. Inside this structure you'll find three ammo clips, an EMP grenade and a medkit. A cloak/thermal masking combo will keep you concealed as you climb onto the roof.

Time to ditch pacifist play. This rooftop position affords you some cover as you pummel the ApostleCorp forces below. My preference is the rocket launcher.

Now you must kill Paul and JC Denton. Knocking them unconscious is insufficient to complete your goal. My preference is the rocket launcher's alternate fire, which launches a slow-moving missile that you can guide while in flight. Fire several rounds into each Denton to kill them.

Next, you must destroy the infusion chamber. Again, the rocket launcher's secondary fire works well.

The final cutscene plays. You see a world of economic vitality, controlled by a capable, elite few...

...and an unseen orbiting entity known as, "Ophelia."

You are left with this quote by Michel Foucault. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game and I also hope that this walkthrough helped you! Game on!