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Deus Ex Walkthrough Cemetery

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Jock drops you off at the Lower East Side Cemetery. Notice that it's always night in this game? Also note that 'cemetery' is misspelled. Press the orange call button and the worker opens the gate for you. The chopper flies off.

Enter the gate house.

Talk to the Gate Keeper. He tells you to go to the building that says, "Dowd" on the front. Grab the Multitool and MedKit.

Note this oddly-hung painting. Prop it open to discover a keypad. The code is 1234 -- thanks, kesofcom.

This bookshelf slides open, revealing a strange device beyond. You can do yourself a favor by destroying it with a LAM, but since you're not supposed to know what it does, that would be cheating, right?

Search the cemetery grounds for supplies, including this Bioelectric Cell.

You can explore the tunnels through this grave if you like. It will lead to Dowd's crypt.

Otherwise go ahead and take the front entrance.

Smash open this crate for a lockpick.

Talk to Dowd to complete the objective. JC gives Dowd the Ambrosia we picked up earlier.

Search the crypts for supplies -- the lids slide open.

Grab the Multitool off this desk. You can hack the computer to read an email from Tracer Tong to Stanton Dowd.

Approach this area and a secret panel slides open. Explore beyond for 20 skill points. You'll emerge in the grave we saw earlier.

You can also egress through Dowd's crypt. You'll earn another 20 skill points. Slide open the name plate to find this safe containing an Augmentation Upgrade Canister.

As you approach this ladder, Jock tells you that interference is preventing him from landing (provided you didn't destroy the device in the gate house earlier). Before heading up the ladder, take the right passage to a crate holding a MedKit.

The area is now patrolled by MJ12 so activate your Cloak. If you haven't already done so, toss a LAM into the secret gate house room to destroy the machine causing the interference.

Jock's helicopter lands the instant the machine is destroyed.

Board Jock's chopper and he safely whisks you away to end this short level.