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Deus Ex Walkthrough Chateau DuClare

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Jock drops you and Nicolette off at the Chateau DuClare outside Paris. Walk around back and bust through this boarded-up door to enter the chateau. You'll find a Multitool on a ledge to the left.

Continue left to the kitchen, where you'll find another Multitool just visible under the frying pan. Crawl into the in indicated dumb waiter.

Click the switch and ride it on up.

You emerge in a bedroom. You'll find Nicolette's bedroom key here.

Nicolette joins you, revealing this to be her mother's bedroom. She calls your attention to the indicated painting.

Open the painting to reveal a hidden compartment. Inside is a Reload Weapon Mod, the DuClare basement key, a DataCube with the account BDUCLARE/NICO_ANGEL, and c100.

In the hallway to the left you'll find Beth's bedroom key on this table - the room you accessed already via the dumb waiter.

Continue down the hall to this bathroom on the left, where you'll find a Medkit, Beth's bedroom key and Pepper Spray. Icarus sends you another message.

Use Nicolette's bedroom key on the door at the end of the hall. To the left of the bed is a Lockpick. Move the skull above the fireplace.

This secret compartment is revealed, holding another Lockpick, Zyme, Thermoptic Cammo, a Clip Weapon Mod, and a Plasma Clip.

Return downstairs, then pass through the door directly across from the door we broke through earlier. Inside is this computer -- Nicolette reveals the account NICOLETTE/CHAD which you can use to read two emails with some background.

Continue to this room and Icarus relays that Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage - eww. Atop this fireplace is Beth's bedroom key and a Multitool. A PS20 is on the ground to the left of the fireplace.

Return to the kitchen. Descend down these stairs and unlock the door with your basement key.

A Lockpick is inside this crate.

"Use" this Candelabra to open a secret passage.

Enter the passage and Nicolette follows. Tracer tells you he is picking up a lot of fiber optic activity in here. Inside this crate are Sabot Shells.

Ascend this plank to the indicated vent.

You'll exit here at this Lockpick. Continue along the ledge ahead. You'll find another lockpick to the left of the window. Break the window to enter the lab.

Nicolette (seemingly magically) smashes through the debris on the stairs to join you. On the tables in this room are a Multitool, Accuracy Weapon Mod, and two Bioelectric Cells. Use the account BDUCLARE/NICO_ANGEL on the computer ahead.

Select "Transmit MEverett Meeting Signal" and read an email. Talk to Nicolette to receive the crypt key.

Halfway down the stairs is this room, with a LAW, a Lockpick and a Security Terminal. Hack the terminal to open a door.

Return upstairs to retrieve your prize - an Aggressive Defense System/Spy Drone Augmentation canister, plus an Augmentation Upgrade Canister.

Here I upgrade Cloak to Tech Three. Recharge at the Repair Bot.

Return outside and Morgan Everett instructs you to exit the estate through the crypt at the end of this maze. The crypt entrance is at the south west end of the small maze.

Jock radios that he's picking up heat signatures - from MJ12 Commandos. You may want to activate your Cloak for assistance. Pass through the crypt entrance where indicated.

You earn a Progress Bonus of 150 skill points. Follow the tunnel to load the next area and end this short level.