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Deus Ex Walkthrough Morgan Everett's Home

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You arrive at Morgan Everett's home. Toby Atanwe assures you that the neuro-paralytic gas was harmless. He tells you Morgan Everett is downstairs in the lab.

Step into the hallway. Icarus warns you that the Illuminati's objective is to govern the world. Head into the indicated bedroom.

On the night table to the left is a PS20 and c100. Proceed to the bathroom directly ahead.

This mirror slides away, revealing a locked gate. Pick the lock and pass through. Notice the corner cabinet in the reflection -- you'll find a Medkit and Aquarium Hatch key there. Note: if you are low on Lockpicks, you can skip ahead and use Multitools instead.

You earn an Exploration Bonus of 100 skill points. On this bench is c100 and a DataCube with the code 8001.

This poor man is the former leader of the Illuminati, held captive by Morgan Everett. He asks you to tell Morgan that he is cold.

Return to the hallway and find c100 on this shelf.

The maid offers you a bite to eat. Proceed down the indicated stairwell.

Recharge at the Repair Bot. The two crates each hold a Prod Recharger.

Take a moment to enjoy the fish. Their movement is pretty impressive.

Ascend these stairs.

Take this left hallway.

It's Alex! Talk to him and learn that Tracer Tong sent him here to keep an eye on Morgan Everett. Grab a Bioelectric Cell and an EMP Grenade from Alex's desk.

Hack Alex's computer to read this email with the codes 2384 and 6426.

In the adjoining room is this DataCube with the code "pynchon".

Heal at the Medical Bot. Grab the Bioelectric Cell off the table behind it then enter the code 8001 in the keypad visible to the right.

You earn an Exploration Bonus of 100 skill points. Talk to Morpheus repeatedly to learn of his function, JC's origins, and his philosophy of man's need for gods.

On this nearby table are Plasma Clips, a Bioelectric Cell and the key to the bathroom mirror upstairs.

Return to the hallway, this time following the other corridor. You are awarded a Subject Acquisition Bonus of 500 skill points for finding Morgan Everett. Talk to Everett repeatedly to learn that Daedalus is Everett's creation, and that Morpheus is a Daedalus prototype. Also learn that Everett has no intention of restoring Lucius DeBeers' body. Everett gives you the key to the helipad stairway.

Enter the code 2384 to open this container, holding augmentations for Vision Enhancement/Targeting and EMP Shield/Ballistic Protection.

The code 6426 yields this Augmentation Upgrade Canister.

Here, I upgrade Spy Drone to Tech Three.

Inside this locked cabinet, you'll find a Multitool plus Laser and Accuracy Weapons Mods.

Use your Aquarium Hatch key to unlock this panel.

Jump into the aquarium and earn an Exploration Bonus of 50 skill points. Swim through the tunnel to the adjoining tank to find this Rebreather and Darts.

Return to Lucius DeBeers to complete the secondary objective. You can choose whether or not to disclose Morgan's intentions. You can also choose to shut down his bio support system by hacking the nearby terminal. If you are playing the minimum-kill scenario, though, Lucius remains a popsicle.

Use your helipad stairway key on this door near where you began the level.

Jock is waiting for you at the helipad -- but there's an unexpected body on the ground.

Talk to this Odd Mechanic -- something isn't quite right. (Don't miss the LAM in the nearby crate.)

Return to Morgan Everett. Everett determines the odd mechanic to be an imposter, and he orders you to kill him.

You don't have to kill the mechanic -- knocking him unconscious will suffice.

Talk to Jock and he discovers a bomb on board. If you hadn't discovered the odd mechanic, Jock would have died later in the game.

Tell Jock you're ready to go and he lifts off for Vandenberg, ending this short level.