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Deus Ex Walkthrough Area 51

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Jock drops you off at Area 51. If you hadn't discovered the Odd Mechanic earlier, Jock's chopper would blow up now. The missile blast has devastated the area. Bodies and debris are scattered throughout. Approach the guard tower, finding these Tranq Darts along the way. Pick the lock on the door and enter.

Tracer Tong radios that his Gray Death is in remission. Disable this LAM and head up the ladder.

Cloak and hack this terminal to disable one camera and open the blast doors. Alternately, a single Tranq Dart fired from the ladder will bring down the guard while you hide below.

The tower is a good place to pilot your Spy Drone. Disable the two bots below.

Return to ground level, disable this LAM and head below. Two crates hold 30.06 Ammo and an EMP Grenade.

You can toss a LAM into this building to destroy the turret or camera inside, then unlock the door beyond to get a LAW, a Medkit and 7.62x51mm Ammo - not really worth the trouble for a stealth player.

Activate your Speed Enhancement to jump onto this ledge. Follow the ledge then leap onto the roof of the Command 24 building. Pass through the hatch in the roof and descend the ladder.

Walton Simons is inside. A cutscene plays immediately upon your arrival in the building. You don't have to kill Simons -- you can run, or better yet cloak and activate your Microfibral Muscle. Block Simons' exit from the building with a metal crate, as seen here. The locked lockers hold two Multitools and 7.62x51mm Ammo. Also in this area is the Tower Key.

Move to this back room and remain silent so Simons doesn't hear you. Grab the two Bioelectric Cells and the Medkit from the shelves. Unlock this trap door and descend below.

Use Multitools to bypass this keypad and grab the Augmentation Upgrade Canister. Smash the nearby crates for a LAW and a Rebreather. On the table is a DataCube with the account A51/XX15YZ, plus a Bioelectric Cell, Rockets and Ballistic Armor.

Quietly exit back through the roof, then head behind the building to swipe the Multitool from this body.

Now that Simons is safely confined, there are two ways to get to the bunker: through the now-open blast doors on the right, or through Hangar 18 on the left. I'll walk you through both approaches.

First up: the Hangar 18 approach. Enter through the indicated opening.

Activate your Cloak to avoid being seen by the patrols inside the hangar. Use your Speed Enhancement to jump up the broken stairway. Pick the lock on the indicated door.

The soldier inside gives you the login A51/XX15YZ to open the blast doors, but you've already opened them. Recharge at the Repair Bot.

Return to the lower level of the hangar and pick the lock on this hatch.

Toss in a LAM to destroy the rotating fan blades, then take a leap of faith to the depths below.

You'll safely land in a pool of water. Follow the red tunnel to this body holding a Laser Weapon Mod.

Ascend these stairs and hack a terminal to disable one camera.

Smash these crates for a Lockpick and 10mm Ammo. Ride the lift down.

Use an EMP Grenade or your Spy Drone to temporarily disable this laser field. Optionally, use Multitools to disable the field permanently.

Descend a long ladder to the bunker below. Grab two Bioelectric Cells from this body.

Tong congratulates you on reaching the bunker. Press the switch on the left to open these bunker doors.

Next up, the blast doors approach. Hack the Security Terminal on the left to disable one camera.

Don some Thermoptic Cammo so the bots don't see you. Head through the tunnel on the right.

A Repair Bot is in here so you have an infinite supply of energy. Use your Spy Drone to disable the two bots in the tunnels, plus the spider in the well to your left and the spider in the alcove above and behind you.

If you choose to brave the radiation, you'll find a Lockpick and 10mm Ammo in those crates.

Next to this spider that you disabled earlier are two crates holding Thermoptic Cammo and a Medkit.

Pass through this unlocked door. Smash the crate inside for a Lockpick, then ascend the ladder, traverse the alcove, then descend through the opening in the other side.

The crates in this room hold 12 Gauge Sabot Shells and a Bioelectric Cell. Activate this button to bring the lift power online.

You earn an Accomplishment Bonus of 50 skill points. Proceed through the opposite tunnel and descend the lift.

You earn a Progress Bonus of 50 skill points. Open this grate to get the two Bioelectric Cells from the body ahead.

Tong congratulates you for arriving at the bunker. Press the button on the left to open the bunker doors.

Regardless of which bunker approach you chose, you are now in the tunnel entrance. Head right and duck behind the crates to avoid the camera on the left. Smash the crate for a Multitool.

Toss an EMP Grenade below to disable this spider-activating laser field.

After this explosion, approach the hologram on the right.

Here's your first of three proposals. Morgan Everett wants you to kill Bob Page and rule the world with the Illuminati. He also gives you the Sector 2 security grid code 8946.

At this point we can branch off to tunnels (1) or (2) or we can use the subfloor at (3). There are more goodies to grab if we take the path at (1) so I prefer that route.

Use an EMP Grenade or your Spy Drone to disable the bot up ahead. The crate on your right holds 10mm Ammo.

Bypass the Barracks entrance for now. Instead, take cover behind these metal crates at the Recreation entrance. Send your Spy Drone ahead to disable the security camera.

Enter the code 8946. Activate your Cloak -- a WIB and an MJ12 Troop are in the Recreation room. Read this DataCube next to Julia's body for Alain's chamber code 0169.

Hack this terminal and disable the camera outside. Note that you cannot disable the camera until its erratic behavior from the EMP blast subsides.

Backtrack to the Barracks and enter the code 8946.

Enter the code 0169 into Alains chamber. Climb inside for an Area Location Bonus of 50 skill points, an Augmentation Upgrade Canister, a Medkit and the Sector 3 Access key.

Other chambers have unknown key codes but can be opened with Multitools. Inside this chamber is a Regeneration/Energy Shield Augmentation Canister guarded by a Greasel.

The nearby Medbot can install the Augmentation for you. Here I upgrade Microfibral Muscle to Tech Three.

Resume your path down the corridor. You'll pass two crates with a Medkit and 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells. Cloak and head left behind that crane for two crates with Tranq Darts and 7.62x51mm Ammo. Your Speed Enhancement will allow you to jump up to the ledge beside the crane and access the two crates with a Multitool and Sabot rounds.

Dash to the other side of the area to recharge at this Repair Bot.

Ascend the ladder behind the Repair Bot and smash this crate for a Lockpick. Use your Sector 3 Access key on the door beyond.

Paul radios support - trust your own conscience. In this alcove to the right are two crates holding a Medkit and a Lockpick.

Press the call button on this lift then activate your Cloak. Bob Page sends up two MJ12 and an MIB - the man who killed JC's parents. You do not have to fight them. Ride the elevator down, cloaked, and all four of you arrive below. Step off the lift and the next area loads - without the goons.

Approach the hologram for your second proposal, this time from Tracer Tong. He wants you to blow up Area 51 and destroy the Aquinas Hub, destroying global communications and sending the world back to a new dark age.

Turn right at the body. Stay crouched or cloaked as there are snipers above.

Ignore the stairs on the right for now. Instead, sneak past the Karkians and enter the indicated doorway. (If you're feeling brave, try and grab the Multitool from the body they're munching on.)

Descend to the water below. Avoid the Greasels and read this DataCube for the Reactor Lab code 2001. Also grab the stairwell key visible just above the DataCube.

Descend these stairs we bypassed a moment ago.

Two spiders are below, plus two crates holding a Lockpick and a Medkit. Enter the code 2001 to enter the Reactor Lab.

Head to the door rear-right. Try to avoid being spotted by the Grays below.

Ascend the ladder and talk to the mechanic. He gives you the Aquinas Hub code 1038.

Return to this position, and use your stairwell key on this door. Crates inside hold 10mm Ammo and 12 Gauge Sabot rounds.

Bypass the Aquinas Hub for now. Instead, head all the way up the stairs to Station 17.

Head through the unlocked door to the left. Read this DataCube with the account AREA51/BRAVO13. Other supplies in this room include 7.62x51mm Ammo, a Lockpick and a Bioelectric Cell.

Ascend the ladder to this DataCube with the explosives locker code 4225. 10mm Ammo is next to the body which holds a Bioelectric Cell.

If you're really feeling daring, you can dive into this tank for a Hazmat Suit and a Multitool.

Use the login AREA51/BRAVO13 on this terminal. Drop the Augmentation Containment and disable two cameras. Grab the Augmentation Canister from the shelf on the left.

Head downstairs to the Aquinas Hub Access. Enter the code 1038 to enter.

You earn a Critical Location Bonus of 100 skill points. Smash the glass and drop to the walkway below. Grab the Rebreather from the body.

Activate your Vision Enhancement to see the MJ12 Commando below. Wait until he moves away from the hatch before slipping through.

Follow the signs to Aquinas Control. Take the lift to level 1 (you begin on level 2). Follow the walkway to grab the Bioelectric Cell from the drowned scientist. A Multitool can be retrieved from the Mechanic but you'll have to brave the contaminated water.

Ride the lift to level 3 and talk to Helios, who offers your third and final proposal: to merge with you and rule the world as a benevolent machine with human understanding. If you're up for a jumping puzzle, you can retrieve a Multitool and a Bioelectric Cell from the mechanic's body seen below.

Search the area for supplies, including a Medkit from the body of a female scientist, 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells, and Darts. Recharge at the Repair Bot. These Security Bots will battle three MJ12 Commandos. Ascend the stairs once it's safe.

Shadow this MJ12 Commando. He'll turn clockwise when he reaches the end of the corridor so swing left to stay hidden.

Two Grays patrol this area. If you have a Hazmat Suit you can descend all the way below for a Sector 4 image plus a Lockpick and 10mm Ammo. Proceed through the indicated door, cloaked.

The code 4225 will open this door, allowing access to a crate holding Rockets.

Activate your Cloak, descend the stairs, and proceed through that door.

Under the stairs is a Greasel and two crates holding 10mm Ammo and, finally, a Prod Charger.

Don Thermoptic Cammo to avoid detection by this giant spider. Multitools will unlock the door on the left for an Exploration Bonus of 50 skill points plus 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells and a Plasma Clip. Helios unlocks the Sector 4 Access doors upon your approach.

Receive a hologram from Paul. He tells you that Helios has Hong Kong running efficiently and peacefully, that the Illuminati will restore 20th Century Capitalism with limited freedom, and that Tong will bring economic collapse but maximum freedom. If Paul had not survived then you would have received a message from Gary Savage instead.

Next up: your birthplace. Give wide birth to the door as it explodes. The body visible ahead holds an Augmentation Upgrade canister.

Descend the stairs and read this DataCube with the account LAB 12/GRAYTEST. A mechanic's body is nearby with a Multitool.

Heal at the Medical Bot then continue through the indicated doorway. The empty tank on the right is where you were hatched.

Crouch to avoid detection by the Grays. Login to this terminal with the account LAB 12/GRAYTEST. Deactivate the environmental generators, disable one camera and open one door.

Keep your distance from the Grays as they are radioactive. You may want to use your Cloak if you are having trouble avoiding them. The exit is in the southeast corner of the room.

Morgan Everett tells you to bring down the four blue fusion reactors in Sector 4. Alex gives you a schematic and the first three digits of a four-digit code: 724. Proceed through this door.

Approach the Augmented Bob Page and a cutscene plays. Page intends to merge with Helios and rule the world.

Get ready to dart through that doorway to the left. As soon as the cutscene ends, the force field surrounding the turret above the door will drop and the turret will open fire. An identical turret is across the room to the right.

Ready an EMP Grenade before exiting the tunnel. The moment you exit, these two spiders will rush towards you.

Time to decide which ending you want. Here are your secondary objectives, which detail your options to end the game and determine the fate of the world. Save your game now, then choose which ending you want: Join Illuminati; Merge with Helios AI; or, New Dark Age.

As you play each ending, (or perhaps all three endings!) it's important to note that there are three levels in this area, each with a Universal Constructor like this one, spawning enemies.

Near each UC is a UC Control door, through which you can close an emergency bulkhead to trap the spawning creatures.

Here is a shot of my final skills.

Here is a shot of my final Augmentations. Good luck!