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Deus Ex Walkthrough Ending 1 - Join The Illuminati

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You accept Morgan Everett's proposal to join the Illuminati and rule the world through a compassionate conspiracy. Don some Ballistic Armor and activate your Speed Enhancement. Dart past Bob Page and these automatic turrets to the opposite corridor.

Climb the ladder. Don't get on the lift and don't go through the floor grate. Instead, proceed through here.

Descend these stairs. The trunk at the top of the stairs holds a LAM, Darts, and Flare Darts. The boxes to the left of the stairs hold a LAM and 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells. Security Bots are hidden behind the striped hatches.

Here is the first of four blue fusion reactors. Alex gave the first three digits of the code, 724. A little experimentation completes the code, 7243.

Everett congratulates you. The Security Bots emerge from their hatches. Here I toss a Scramble Grenade and, later, use my Spy Drone to disable the victor. You can also use your Microfibral Muscle to block their path with those crates. (Hat tip to Arnav Bal.)

Search the bots' alcoves for a Lockpick, a Hazmat Suit, and a LAM.

Return to the floor grate we bypassed earlier and descend this long ladder. Alternately, you can take the lift below but this is stealthier.

Pass through another grate to this room. Crates hold 30.06 and 10mm Ammo. The DataCube holds the Aquinas Router code 6765, used in the Helios ending. Cloak before proceeding through the door.

Immediately drop through this floor grate and follow the vent through to the other side.

You'll emerge here. The switch on the left opens these doors to water below. If you have good swimming ability you can swim all the way down to a mechanic's body with a Multitool and a Bioelectric Cell. These two crates hold Rockets and 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells. Pick the lock on the door and activate your Cloak before exiting.

Recharge at the Repair Bot. Use the code 7243 on the blue fusion reactor beyond.

Return through the vent then ascend these stairs to the left, cloaked.

Midway up the stairs is this area. Recharge at the Repair Bot. The cabinet on the left holds a DataCube with a Sector 4 map, a Medkit, a Rebreather, 7.62x51mm and 10mm Ammo. Brave the radiation on the right to find a cabinet with a DataCube revealing the coolant system code 2242 (used in the Dark Ages ending), plus a Bioelectric Cell. A chest holds a Plasma Clip, Napalm, and a Recoil Weapon Mod.

Don a Hazmat Suit before ascending the ramp. Cloak and then proceed through the door. You'll find two crates on the right which hold Tranq Darts and 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells.

There's the third blue fusion reactor. Enter the code 7243 to shut it down.

Return to the radiation room and shut down the fourth and final blue fusion reactor while your Hazmat Suit is still working. Return below to the Repair Bot to heal and recharge.

Activate your Cloak. Descend down the stairs then return through the indicated doorway. Ascend the long ladder back up to the top level.

Descend this short ladder.

Once again activate your Speed Enhancement and dart past Bob Page's automatic turrets to the hall across the way.

Turn right, then make another right.

Lastly, make another right into Infusion Control.

As your final act of the game, press the switch in the center of this console. Bob Page's force field drops and the entire device explodes, killing him. Bob Page also dies in the New Dark Age ending, but he survives in the Helios ending.

A cutscene plays showing JC and Everett talking and life returning to normal around the world.

The cutscene closes with the invisible hand sculpture and this quote from Milton.

Lastly, the end credits. If you chose this ending, i hope you enjoyed the gmae! And as always, I hope this walkthrough helped you! Game on!