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Deus Ex Walkthrough Ending 2 - Merge with Helios AI

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You choose to merge with the Helios AI and rule the world as a benevolent machine. The Helios ending is the easiest ending of the three. Activate your Speed Enhancement and dart past Bob Page's automatic turrets to the opposite corridor.

Ascend this short ladder.

Open this floor grate and descend the long ladder below.

Pass through another grate and read this DataCube with the Aquinas Router code 6765. The crates on the right hold 30.06 and 10mm Ammo.

Retrace your steps up the long ladder, down the short ladder, and across Bob Page's automatic turrets all the way to your starting position. Take two right turns down the corridor to the Aquinas Router. Enter the code 6765.

Heal at the Medical Bot. Helios instructs you to open the channels at each side of the room.

Your task is as simple as pressing this engage button. Repeat on the channel at the other side of the room.

Helios sends you to this computer with the account ICARUS/PANOPTICON. Bob Page shouts at you to leave Helios alone. Login and select "Engage Primary Router".

Helios recalls you to the Aquinas Hub in Sector 3. Look out the window at Bob Page as he pleads with you to stop and reconsider.

Retrace your steps past Bob Page, this time turning right down this corridor. Remember to use your Speed Enhancement to outrun the automated turrets.

If you have a Hazmat Suit, now would be a good time to use it. (I don't.) Cloak to avoid detection by the Grays and head through the exit in the northwest corner.

Pass through the cloning lab and exit out this door.

Morgan Everett implores you to go back as you exit Sector 4.

Don Thermoptic Cammo to avoid detection by the spider. Cloak to avoid detection by the MJ12. Pass through the door on the far-right.

Crouch to remain silent as you climb the stairs. Your Speed Enhancement helps you ascend faster even while crouched. Use your Vision Enhancement to spy the Grays milling about inside this doorway. Proceed when it's safe -- their radioactivity will kill you even if they don't see you.

Remain cloaked and you'll easily slip past this MJ12 Commando.

You're safe once you arrive at Aquinas Control. The Security Bots will defend you.

Continue through to the Aquinas Hub.

Ride the lift up to Level 3.

Bob Page protests your imminent union with Helios.

Helios asks for your trust. Approach and a cutscene plays.

JC asks what will become of himself.

Bob Page protests for Helios to stop the union. At least he survives this ending, unlike in the Illuminati and New Dark Age endings.

JC emerges, united with Helios.

The cutscene closes with the invisible hand sculpture and this quote from Voltaire.

Lastly, the end credits. If you chose this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game! And of course, I hope this walkthrough helped you! Game on!