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Deus Ex Walkthrough Paris

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Jock drops you off on the roof of this building in Paris. Use lockpicks or a LAM to break through that door ahead. Inside is this book with the maintenance lift code 4003.

Enter the code 4003 here and descend via the lift. Alternately, you could drop through the maintenance shaft beyond if you enjoy a challenging jumping puzzle.

Ascend the stairs and talk to Aimee. She gives you the code 0001 and asks you to save her cats from four Greasels.

Climb the boxes (1) to reach the Bioelectric Cell (2). Ascend the ramp (3) to reach the crates (4) where you'll find a Scramble Grenade, a Medkit and a Lockpick.

Descend to this area and grab the Hazmat Suit. Another Hazmat Suit can be found in the maintenance shaft.

Continue to this neighboring area and enter the code 0001 into the keypad.

The doors slide open, revealing a contaminated area beyond. Don your Hazmat Suit. This is a good time to upgrade your Environmental Training. Here I upgrade to Master.

These crates are a worthy diversion. Inside you'll find a Medkit and a Multitool. Your objective is the doorway rear-left.

You earn 50 skill points. Recharge at the Repair Bot then descend this ladder to the sewers below. If you don't want to attack the Greasels you can skip ahead.

Four nasty, nasty Greasels are below. You don't really have to kill them. Your Tranquilizer Darts work well - three per Greasel should do it. Your Hazmat Suit will afford a good amount of protection, but be prepared for the drunken disorientation affect seen here. Return to the Repair Bot and repair/recharge as needed, then return to finish them off.

Return to Aimee and earn 200 skill points, stopping at the Repair Bot along the way. Aimee also informs you that the old entrance to the Catacombs is across from building #14.

Descend into the sewers once again. Stay to the right and you'll find the exit easily. Your first clue that you're on the right track is this Lockpick.

Soon after, you'll arrive at this crate holding another Lockpick.

Lastly, you'll arrive at this ladder. Tong advises that you are close to the Catacombs entrance.

Three MJ12 Commandos patrol the area, so activate your cloak before heading over to Building 14. The supply crate on the left holds Tech Goggles.

Ascend these stairs and enter the office above.

Swipe this Bioelectric Cell.

Inside this cabinet you'll find a DataCube with the account RZELAZNY/SHADOWJACK, c300, a Multitool, and a warehouse key.

Use the account RZELAZNY/SHADOWJACK on this Security Terminal to disable two cameras and open one door.

Descend the stairs all the way to this doorway, which you just opened.

Recharge at the Repair Bot, and grab the office key from the cart behind. A Bioelectric Cell, a LAW and an EMP Grenade are found in nearby crates.

Head back upstairs and use your key to enter the office around this corner.

Read this DataCube for the ATM account 2221969/DULLBILL.

The phone rings. Answer it for a conversation with a mysterious caller.

Head back outside then sneak into the Metro station. Tracer Tong radios that MJ12 operate in the open in Paris and they have barricaded the station.

Talk to the arms dealer. His prices are sky high -- but he'll cut you a break if you 'kill' three MJ12 guarding the station.

Pass into these vents.

Turn right.

Pick the locked vent and quietly enter the room beyond.

Inside this crate is a Multitool. Access the Security Terminal beyond to disable one camera.

Avail yourself of the nearby MedBot if necessary.

Your Prod can easily take out the two MJ12 Troops guarding this doorway. Note that although the arms dealer claimed there are three troops, these two are the only Troops to be found.

Use an EMP Grenade to take out the Security Bot patrolling the hall.

Inside these crates you'll find 10mm Ammo, Darts, and a Bioelectric Cell.

Inside these crates is 7.62x51mm Ammo, and 30.06 Ammo. Use the account 2221969/DULLBILL on the ATM in the background for c200.

Return to the arms dealer. JC tells him that the MJ12 troops are dead. The dealer reduces his prices by a third.

Return above ground and sneak across the street as indicated.

Stay in the shadows to avoid being spotted by the MJ12 Commandos.

Continue behind the building then break through these boards to enter.

Tong advises that the entrance to the Catacombs is through these steps. Explore the office beyond for a DataCube holding a map before descending the stairs.

Descend the stairs into the Catacombs. Somewhere down here is Silhouette's hideout.

Keep left then descend the ladder through this crawlspace. Alternately, stay right and grab the Gas Grenade fixed to the wall before descending through here. You'll find a lockpick and a Napalm Canister below.

Follow the crawlspace. Before exiting use a Gas Grenade and Tranquilizer Darts to bring down these two MJ12. Remember to stay in the crawlspace for protection until they're incapacitated. The nearby crate holds 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells. Ascend the ramp. If you turn right at the top of the ramp you can disable the Gas Grenade, otherwise continue left.

Tracer Tong is your docent, explaining the history of the Catacombs.

Every patrol you encounter must be incapacitated, for reasons that will become clear in a bit.

When you get to this junction, you'll see this MJ12 Commando patrolling a series of stacks similar to a library. You can proceed directly to the left or head around to the right for a crawlspace that will bring you out to the opening just visible behind the Commando.

Many abandon pacifist play when it comes to the MJ12 Commandos, opting instead to blow them to kingdom come with LAMs. There is an easy way for pacifists to go Commando. A single jolt with your Prod in the lower back as seen here, right where the "shirt" meets the "pants" will do the job. You must be precise, however, as this sweet spot is very narrow. It helps to shadow the Commando until he comes to a stopping point in his patrol routine, then strike with precision.

Another incentive to not blow up the Commandos is that each carries a Bioelectric Cell!

Continue down this corridor.

Push either of the indicated loose bricks, one under a wine bottle, the other under a Lockpick.

This secret entrance opens - Silhouette's secret bunker!

You earn a Critical Location bonus of 150 skill points. It is wise to close the bunker door with this switch before proceeding.

Talk to this child and learn that MJ12 is holding his mother hostage.

You'll find Chad, Silhouette's leader, through here. You earn a Subject Acquisition Bonus of 250 skill points.

Talk to Chad and he'll give you the blast door key and a map.

Don't waste a Lockpick on this cabinet. Inside is another copy of the blast door key and Shakespeare's Richard III. Do, however, grab the Medkit above.

Exit the bunker and unlock the blast door. You can proceed left or right, both tunnels converge.

An MJ12 Commando patrols here. Bring him down using the technique revealed earlier.

Pick the lock on this chest for a DataCube revealing the security account HELA/RAGNAROK. Also inside is a Prod Charger and throwing knives.

Continue to this bunker on the right.

Finally, someone selling something besides ammo, and at reasonable prices. Of course he's a Zyme junkie (there's a vial on the ground nearby). You can buy MedKits for c600 and Tranquilizer Darts for c200.

Continue north by staying right at the junction and you'll come to this closed-off area. Disarm then take the LAM on the right. The crates contain 10mm and 30.06 Ammo.

Return to this junction, this time turning left.

Make another left here as well, where Tong advises that Jock is picking up heat signatures.

Head toward the cross you'll see on the right, knocking out this MJ12 Troop. Head left.

Bring down this Troop as well before ascending the ladder.

Activate your Speed Enhancement and jump on top of the malfunctioning unit. Crouch, and with your Speed Enhancement still activated, hop onto the ledge above.

Follow the ledge over the locked gate into the room with the Repair Bot.

Push the switch visible here on the left. The doors slide open and the Repair Bot repairs the malfunctioning unit. You are now free to proceed to the other side of the room and grab the supplies. You'll find Tech Goggles and a Multitool in the crates, plus a Napalm Canister on the ground and 20mm HE Ammo on the ledge above.

Return to the area with the cross we saw earlier. Note the hallway to Bunker III is blocked by lasers. Bypass them by crawling through the space behind the cross.

Tong advises that the hostages are probably nearby. You'll find an opening from the crawlspace on the left, but be careful as MJ12 Troops and Commandos patrol within the bunker. Wait until the coast is clear, then hop into this small pool.

Swim all the way across to the end of this tunnel.

Quietly pop your head up for a look, but be careful -- a Woman in Black and a Commando patrol here. Your eventual objective is the indicated Security Terminal.

This is one of the most difficult moments of the game. Observe the patterns of the WIB and the Commando. Approach one when you are free from observation by the other, the security camera, and any other patrols in the front of the bunker.

I found this to be a good spot to Prod the Commando.

And this to be a good spot to Prod the WIB. Use the account HELA/RAGNAROK on the Security Terminal to deactivate two cameras.

On this table rest two Prod Chargers, the Catacombs Sewer Entry Key, a DataCube with some background, and a Sniper Rifle. The nearby crates hold a Multitool and 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells, plus Tech Goggles.

Ascend these stairs, or, alternately, the ladder across the bunker. Drop the Commando with your Prod and search the crates for a Bioelectric Cell and Darts.

There are now two Commandos and three MJ12 Troops remaining, all within this circular area. Carefully bring each one down with your Prod, remembering the Prod technique for Commandos.

The area is now secure. Use your keyring to open the indicated blast door.

Head inside to complete the Secondary Goal and earn 250 skill points. Follow the hostages as they flee the bunker and return to the Silhouette hideout. If you hadn't incapacitated all of the patrols, the hostages would be in danger now.

Return to Chad for a cutscene and 500 skill points. Talk to Chad repeatedly for a seemingly endless litany of political paranoia.

Return to the juncture we encountered earlier, but this time keep right. Use your Catacombs Sewer Entry Key on this door. You earn 50 skill points.

Descend the stairs, then grab the Lockpick out of this small pool.

Continue down the corridor. There are no junctions so you can't get lost.

You'll eventually come to this ladder. Descend to load the next level.

Continue through the sewers. Tong informs you that the streets above are crawling with MJ12. At the junction you can turn right and find two crates with a Crowbar and a Lockpick. There is a ladder exit that will place you in a remote area of the square - but it costs Lockpicks.

To the left is this crate with a Fire Extinguisher, and a ladder exit - that is free. I prefer this exit.

There are guards stationed at this exit, so activate your Cloak before climbing through. Immediately enter this guard house.

Hack this computer to deactivate the Military Patrol Bots outside. Read the DataCube for a map of Paris and grab the Bioelectric Cell. The crate holds a LAM.

Activate your Cloak then dart across the street down the indicated alley.

Tong advises that the Police will change their friendly stance if they catch you breaking and entering. Proceed up the indicated stairway, especially if you are a non-pacifist player.

Tong tells you that these are very expensive flats. Pick the lock on this door at building 11 or use a LAM to bust through. There is a cop at the bottom of the stairs, but as long as his back is to you he won't notice the explosion.

You earn an Exploration Bonus of 50 skill points. On this table you'll find Accuracy and Range Mods, Sabot Shells, Throwing Knives, and an Assault Shotgun.

Inside this chest are Laser and Clip Mods, two Plasma Clips, and 30.06 Ammo.

On this side of the bed are Rockets and a DataCube with the ATM account 005133/SALEM008.

On this table you'll find Throwing Knives and c100.

This crate holds a Plasma Rifle.

A locked door to building 12 is at the top of these stairs. Again, either a LAM or lockpicks will get you in.

There's nothing worth taking on the lower level. This nice couple lives in the apartment and they're thinking of moving to the US. Avoid Rene as he will break out a Baton if you get too close.

You'll find the good stuff upstairs. Inside this cabinet is a Medkit, c200 and the ATM account 002639/ARAMIS01.

Don't miss this Bioelectric Cell under the bed.

Head through the door to this balcony for an Exploration Bonus of 50 skill points plus these crates which hold a Multitool and Binoculars.

Next up is building 10. The door is unlocked.

Of interest is this quest giver, Renault. He wants you to retrieve Zyme vials from the bakery.

Talk to the bartender and learn that Nicolette is at Club La Porte de l'Enfer.

Head upstairs then proceed down this hallway.

Grab the hotel key from this cart.

Use the key on this room at the top of the stairs and receive a message from something called Icarus. On this night stand you'll find a Bioelectric Cell, c100 and the ATM account 004418/MORBUS13. The neighboring room only has the hotel maid and nothing else.

Leave the hostel and continue south to this alley. Tong radios that you are at the bakery.

Entry through this door is recommended for a stealthy approach.

Stay crouched so no one sees you through the windows. Open this panel.

Alternately, you could open this panel. Inside you'll find the vials of Zyme that Renault is looking for (six total), c100, Plasma, 10mm Ammo, and a PS20. A nearby crate holds a Lockpick.

Quietly exit the bakery and return to Renault. Refuse to give him the Zyme once and he increases his price from c50 to c65. Refuse a second time and you'll have a fight on your hands. He'll pay you for the Zyme you picked up in the bakery, plus any Zyme you may have collected previously.

Exit the hostel again and activate your Cloak once you pass the bakery. Cross the street to building 19, the cafe.

Lead the cafe hostess in conversation and you'll learn that she is a Silhouette sympathizer. She informs you that Nicolette can be found in the club across the street. Keep her talking to hear her conspiracy theories regarding the European Union.

If you instructed Jaime Reyes to stay at UNATCO rather than meet you in Hong Kong, you'll find him in this corner now! He's come to Paris to deliver some information in person - Gunther's killphrase is "Laputan machine." The kitchen in back has a DataCube with the ATM account 001506/NAGA066

Across the street is the "digital media store." Tracer advises you to avoid it, and if you enter you'll only find a Multitool.

Next door is your objective - La porte de l'enfer.

You can pick the lock on this vent, climb through, then sneak the key off the table. You can also continue through the vents - they'll take you to the restroom inside the club.

My preference is to save the Lockpicks and just pay the c300.

Once you have the key you can use it on the front door.

If you repeatedly pay Camille c20 you'll learn that Silhouette hangs out on the upper level, that Antoine is a thief who sells Augmentation supplies, and that the club accountant can be found in the office behind the south bar.

Give Cassandra the c200 she desires and she'll cough up the safe room code 1966. Pass through the indicated doorway and turn left to find the keypad.

You'll get an Exploration Bonus of 50 skill points. Inside you'll find a Medkit, Prod Charger, 30.06 Ammo, Tranquilizer Darts, 7.62x51mm Ammo, 10mm Ammo, c100, 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells, and Thermoptic Cammo.

Around the corner is the accountant. For c1000 he'll reveal that building 11 is the apartment of an arms dealer. A PS20 is on the table behind him and a Bioelectric Cell is in the locked closet. You'll be forgiven for knocking him out and taking the Lockpick off his body -- Lockpicks are scarce. Behind the painting is a DataCube with the safe room code 1966, a Bioelectric Cell, c100, and the club door key.

To the left of the bar you'll find this Businessman who will sell you four Bioelectric Cells for c250 apiece.

Talk to this young woman upstairs. She offers to arrange a meeting with Nicolette behind the club.

You can reach the rear of the club through a door behind the bar, which leads to the door visible here on the right. My preference is just to leave out the front door and walk behind the alley - stealthily.

The young woman reveals herself to be Nicolette. She suggests looking for clues to the whereabouts of Morgan Everett at her mother's Chateau.

Board Jock's chopper and as you lift off Gunther rushes over in desperation to catch you.